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Voice of Customer Survey Template

Features of this Voice of Customer Survey Template

Get better customer insights with this voice of customer survey


How SurveySparrow’s reputation management feature can help in understanding customer’s voice


Monitor Online Reputation Across Platforms

Reputation management allows you to monitor your online reputation across major review sites, including Google and Facebook. This feature enables businesses to gather feedback from different sources, providing a comprehensive view of customer sentiment.

Real-Time Alerts

The tool provides real-time alerts whenever someone mentions your brand online. This proactive monitoring helps businesses stay informed about customer feedback as it happens, allowing for quick responses to both positive and negative comments.

Proactive Reputation Management

SurveySparrow enables proactive reputation management by allowing businesses to respond to customer reviews directly through the platform. This feature is crucial for addressing customer concerns, expressing gratitude for positive feedback, and actively engaging with the audience.

Diverse Feedback Collection Methods

The tool offers various feedback collection methods, including conversational forms, chat-like interfaces, and NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys. This variety helps capture feedback in different formats, making it easier for businesses to understand the nuances of customer opinions.

Conversational Surveys for Personalized Feedback

The reputation management feature includes conversational surveys. These are designed with a chat-like interface and offer a personalized and engaging way for customers to provide feedback. This conversational approach can result in more detailed and nuanced responses, helping businesses better understand the specific aspects of their products or services that impact customer sentiment.


FAQs on Voice of Customer Survey


Can I include videos in my voice of customer survey?

Absolutely! It allows you to integrate videos seamlessly into your surveys for a more engaging and interactive experience.

Can I create a voice of customer survey in multiple languages?

Yes, you can. It supports multilingual surveys, enabling you to reach a diverse audience by presenting questions in their preferred language.

How much flexibility do I have in customizing this template?

You have complete control over the look and feel of your surveys. SurveySparrow provides customizable templates, allowing you to tailor the survey to match your brand or specific preferences.

What design options does SurveySparrow offer for surveys?

It provides a wide array of design options, including various fonts, colors, and the ability to incorporate pictures and videos. This ensures your surveys not only collect valuable data but also reflect your unique style.

How can I share the voice of customer survey?

SurveySparrow offers multiple sharing options, allowing you to send surveys through email, SMS, embed them on your website, or share them across various social media platforms. This flexibility ensures you can reach your audience through their preferred channels.

Does SurveySparrow provide insights into the customer journey?

Yes, SurveySparrow goes beyond traditional surveys by offering a customer journey map. This feature helps you visualize and understand the customer experience throughout the survey process, enabling you to make informed decisions based on valuable insights.

How does the real-time reporting feature benefit my survey process?

The real-time reporting feature instantly saves feedback as soon as respondents hit the submit button. This not only speeds up the entire process but also minimizes potential errors in data storage, ensuring efficiency.

Can I use emojis and smileys in my customer satisfaction ratings?

Absolutely! Our Voice of Customer template allows you to include emojis and smileys in your rating questions. This adds a fun and expressive element to your survey, helping you better understand your customers’ satisfaction levels.

What is sentiment analysis, and how can it help me?

Sentiment analysis generates word clouds for open-ended questions, revealing the most commonly used words and emotions behind respondents’ reactions. It guides you to focus your efforts where they matter most, resulting in quicker results.

How can the executive dashboard assist in data analysis?

Our intelligent executive dashboard lets you analyze survey data your way. Select widgets, graphs, and charts that align with your perspective. Drag survey data into the dashboard to generate concise PDF reports quickly. Share these reports with voice of customer consultants for expert insights.

How does Display/Skip Logic improve my survey?

Display/Skip Logic ensures that respondents aren’t burdened with irrelevant questions. It allows you to skip unnecessary questions based on their previous responses, making your Voice of Customer form concise and tailored to individual feedback.

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