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Voice of Customer Survey Template

Features of this Voice of Customer Survey Template

More Features of Voice Of Customer Survey Template

Make SurveySparrow a part of your voice of customer framework and transparently hear your customers’ feedback. The following will help you to gain customer centric insights and take actions.

Real-Time Reporting

This template’s real-time reporting feature allows you to save feedback for your voice of customer form as soon as the submit button is pressed. This eventually reduces the time it takes to save the data and eliminates potential errors. As a result, the entire process is sped up.

Smiley Ratings

This voc template not only allows you to add a rating question type, but it also allows you to include emojis and smileys in your question type to learn more about your customers’ satisfaction levels. The slider question type, in addition to the rating question type, supports the smiley feature.

Sentiment Analysis

Use sentiment analysis to generate word clouds for open-ended questions. You can understand the exact emotions behind their reactions by learning the most commonly used words. Determine where your efforts should be focused to achieve quicker results.

Executive Dashboard

Our intelligent executive dashboard assists you in analyzing data from your voice of customer survey. Select the widgets, graphs, and charts to interpret data from your perspective. Simply dragging survey data into the dashboard results in short survey reports. Quickly generate PDF reports and show them to the voice of customer consultants to get expert views.

Display/Skip Logic

Refrain from asking irrelevant questions to your respondents. Use the Display/Skip logic to bypass the unnecessary questions based on their previous responses. Make your voc form concise.

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