Features of Medical Liability Waiver Form Template

More Features of Medical Liability Waiver Form

Collect consents, complete formalities smoothly using this medical liability waiver form template

Slack and Microsoft Integration

Integrate your medical liability waiver form with daily communication apps like slack or MS teams and share it with all your employees with just a single click. All you need to do is just turn on the integration in your form and the rest will be taken care of by SurveySparrow.

White Labeling

Use our builder to add the brand logo in your medical waiver form and maintain your brand identity. Design the form using your own themes, fonts and colors according to your design guidelines. Generate a URL of your own with the company’s name in it and share it with your employees.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share this medical liability release form on multiple channels. You can share your form via SMS, embed in email and share web link with your employees. You can also share a short URL of your form with the company’s name in it .

Send Reminders

When you send out your health care waiver form, it so happens that your employees may either forget to take it or leave it halfway. Reminding them to complete the form will ensure that the process is smooth. With this feature you can schedule and send reminder mails to your employees periodically.

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