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Before launching your new product, some obvious things you must know is your target audience, the purpose of your launch, the date of launch, and the nature of launch (if it’s offline through a staged event or online)

But, apart from these basics, there are a few more points you need to consider to ensure a successful and smooth launch of your product.

Check for competition

See if any other brand is coming up with a similar product. Understanding the competition before launching your product certainly helps. Not in the sense that you make last-minute changes to your strategy. But, to plan another strategy to win the competition even before launch. Based on your competitor, conduct a thorough SWOT analysis of your product and get a deeper understanding.

Build curiosity for your launch

If it’s an offline launch, choose a fancy name for the event and create a lot of buzz around it. Promote the event on social media and distribute free passes to your loyal customers. Ask them to tag their friends, relatives, and colleagues along with them. For an online event, use social media extensively. Create relevant polls, use influencer marketing according to your budget, and you can even ask your employees to share them on their social media.

Circulate a questionnaire for product launch

Use your present customers to understand the pulse by sending them a simple questionnaire as to what additional features they would like to have in the new product. Since your customers are already aware of your brand, and earlier products, their feedback would be more apt. They would also know if any other brand is coming up with similar products as we discussed in the earlier point. Ask relevant questions in the new product survey. Use our template as a sample new product launch questionnaire.

Give away a free trial

On the day of your launch, give away free demos, trials of your product to the attendees and ask them to share their feedback. You can even announce this before the event begins. This will create a buzz and there will be more eyes at your event!

See it, to believe it.

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