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Copyright Release Form Template

Features of Copyright Release Form Template

More Features of Copyright Release Form Template

While acquiring copyrights, even though the owner is heavily compensated (mostly), yet there’s an emotional factor attached to it. Thus it is very important to create a connection with your respondent. And, this is exactly where our Copyright Release Form Template comes into play. The features that come with this template are meant to give you more than just the acknowledgement.

Go Offline

Make your respondent feel special and carry your form to them. But, in that case you might face connectivity issues. We’ve got you covered here! Download our offline application on any of your devices and run the template smoothly. Set a specific time and this template will automatically upload all your data on your dashboard.

Accept Signature

The most important part of your Copyright Release Form Template is to accept signature. But dealing with all of it manually can be a tedious task. So, we’ve equipped this template with the Signature question type. This question type enables your respondent to draw, type or upload their signature.


When your respondent is letting go of their work, it is important to give them all the necessary comfort. So, use this template to give your respondents the liberty to choose the device they want to use. This form template is designed to work perfectly well with any device – be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or even a smartphone.

Display/Skip Logic

Make your form as comfortable as possible for your respondents. Reduce their effort to go through irrelevant questions. This template comes with display/skip logic. Use logical reasoning to display or skip questions based on the answers your respondents have previously answered.

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