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Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire Template

Hospitals or any other organizations can use this health risk assessment questionnaire to collect health information from an individual to understand potential risks and hazards. With its rich reports, this template will help you shed light on the subject’s health and wellness.

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Reasons to use our Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Asses health risks easily with our Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire

With this health risk assessment questionnaire, gauging the health risks of your patients or employees is a piece of cake. The library of useful question types, customizations, share options, and detailed insights will help you create, distribute and analyze health metrics easily and hassle-free. Read on to learn more about some of the additional features we offer.

Question Types Package

Taking care of one’s health and preventing any risks is not always easy. Especially when you run a hospital/clinic and are responsible for providing the right care, it requires even more attention. But worry not! We have you sorted with the right kind of questions to ask your subjects – irrespective of whether it is a patient or just an employee. Please choose from our question types library and decide which type will help you convey the message correctly. Meanwhile, if you need help figuring out what to ask, look at our example of health assessment questions above. If you want a direct yes or no, you can go with the yes or no question, which comes with both right/ wrong and thumbs up/down symbols. If you want your audience to choose from a set of options, you can always choose a multiple-choice or picture-choice question type. You can also collect personal details in your health risk assessment through contact forms.

Multiple Share Options

So now you have the right question types that help you collect all the necessary information. But is that all you need? How are you going to share these questionnaires with your audience? Distribute your health risk appraisal survey through multiple channels like SMS, email, and more. If you want your employee or patient to view their survey via SMS, you can share it as a text message. In the case of workplaces, you can share them via email or applications such as Slack or MS Teams. You can also circulate a URL easily. You can collect data through offline kiosks if you run a hospital in a remote area, such as a village or a place with limited internet connectivity. You can utilize kiosks even while conducting medical camps. Share surveys also through social media or embed them on your website.

Highly Secure

Whether you run a hospital or any other organization, comprising on security is likely to be a no-no. Ensuring patient/employee data security while asking health risk assessment questions is of utmost importance. Say hello to SurveySparrow’s highly secure forms backed by GDPR compliances. Our surveys have DPA, CCPA, and other compliances well incorporated. In addition to this, you can also secure your surveys using SSL by transferring encrypted data over the internet. You can also keep a record of the IP addresses to track respondents and prevent spamming. In addition to these features, you can protect your online surveys with a password to limit access. Once you enable password protection, respondents are prompted to enter it as they click the link.


Thanks to our mobile-friendly assessments, creating a friendly atmosphere around health evaluations is easy. You can let your subjects take the survey from their chosen device. Help them access, view, and fill out these forms easily from any device – a personal computer, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone. This is important because your respondents needn’t always be seated at their work desks or have access to their laptops. They might want to fill out the questionnaire even while they’re traveling. Mobile-friendly surveys are the starting point when it comes to offering them flexibility. To see this feature live in action, scroll up and take a quick look at our risk assessment template for healthcare and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Advanced Health Reports

Creating a general health assessment questionnaire and sharing them among your employees is easy if you’re not looking to collect in-depth data or conduct a detailed analysis. But suppose you run a hospital or a clinic and are looking to treat your patient for related ailments. In that case, it becomes crucial to delve deep into the collected data and arrive at actionable insights. With SurveySparrow’s rich reporting and analytics, you can relax while we pull up all the data and generate reports. With Executive Dashboard, you can slice and dice even vast amounts of data easily. Journey charts can help you compare the health data of a single individual or multiple people over a particular period. You can also generate custom reports, add filters and widgets and export them easily in PDF and SPSS formats.

More Templates

Is this health risk assessment questionnaire helping you screen your subjects for any potential health risks or hazards? Take a look at some more of templates that will help you analyze situations, health-related or not. Always helping you serve them better! Check out our templates for free now!
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