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Customer Preference Questionnaire Template

Features of Customer Preference Questionnaire

More Features of Customer Preference Questionnaire

The features of SurveySparrow helps you understand customer preference with different perspectives. The platform has widgets that help you visualize data with more clarity. It also has other features that help you track progress and build a brand that customers love!

Library of Question Types

This questionnaire comes with a variety of question types to choose from. Pick the most appropriate type based on the type of answer you expect from your customer. This will eventually reduce the effort of the respondent, make it more engaging and ensure your customer doesn’t get agitated while filling out the questionnaire.

White Labeled Form

Own the questionnaire as much as you own your brand. Let the questionnaire represent your brand and create a bond with your customers. Add your brand logo, colors, images, fonts as per your brand guidelines. Apart from all these, this questionnaire can be hosted on your own customized domain!

Gain Rich Insights

One of the most important purposes of the Customer Preference Questionnaire is to let you understand the market trends. This template comes with the advanced reports filters feature that lets you filter your reports according to time-period, customers’ demography, and others. You can even compare and contrast responses using the cross-tabulation feature and spot the patterns of the market.

Send Reminders

Most customers completely miss a survey or leave it incomplete. In that case sending reminders manually can be challenging. But don’t worry! We’ll do that for you. Set the number of days after which you want to remind your customers. Automated reminder mails will be sent to all the customers who’ve partially filled the questionnaire or missed it. Just add your reminder time and the template will auto-trigger mails to the customers.

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