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Cancer Risk Assessment Questionnaire Template

This cancer risk assessment questionnaire can be used by healthcare professionals to evaluate an individual’s risk of developing any type of cancer. Personalized questionnaires and powerful insights to help you develop personalized cancer prevention strategies for your patients, hassle-free!

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Features of our Cancer Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Evaluate cancer risk easily with our Cancer Risk Assessment Questionnaire

With this cancer risk assessment questionnaire, you can easily identify and understand the risk of a patient developing any cancer. Customize the questionnaire to your needs, share them through your preferred channels, and start building better healthcare systems. The features of this questionnaire are all that a healthcare professional wants to ensure a smooth diagnosis.

Advanced Question Types

It is always better late than never. Especially when you’re responsible for providing the right care and helping patients assess cancer risk, it requires even more attention. We’ve cut short some of your tasks here. With the right questions to ask your patients, you can easily evaluate their cancer risk. Choose from our range of advanced question types and conduct effective assessments. If you want a direct yes or no, you can go with the yes or no question, which comes with both right or wrong and thumbs up/down symbols. If you want your audience to choose from a set of options, you can always choose a multiple-choice question type. You can collect details such as age, height, weight, etc., with our number-type question. Matrix-type questions will help you bring in a bit more sophistication so that you can ask several questions simultaneously and evaluate responses easily. You can even add multimedia, such as videos/images, inside the questionnaire to make it informational.

Conditional Logic

If there’s something unique in this world, it must be each person’s health condition. Tailoring health assessments, especially cancer-risk ones, is crucial to identifying and diagnosing correctly. The best example of such personalization is this breast cancer risk assessment questionnaire. If your patient is past their menopause, then you use conditional logic to ask her at what age she had menopause. You can skip this follow-up question if the subject is still in her menstruating years. Similarly, knowing when a patient had her first child is only relevant if she responds yes to a question that asks if she has had one or more children. You can apply to skip or display logic to any questions and tailor the questionnaire to the respondent’s previous answers. No compromise when it comes to gathering the right information!

Multiple Share Options

You’re all set with the right question types and conditions to ask them those questions. Once you’re done creating your questionnaire, the next thing is sharing them with your patients. How to do this? Circulate them easily through several SMS, email, and more channels. If you want your patient to view their survey via SMS, you can share it as a text message. If you know their email IDs, you can share them via email. You can also circulate a URL easily and hassle-free. If you run a hospital in a remote area such as a village or a place with limited internet connectivity, you can evaluate cancer risks through offline kiosks. You can utilize kiosks even while conducting cancer detection camps in any part of the world. Share surveys also through social media or embed them on your website so that anyone can access it and find out their risk.


Cancer risk evaluations don’t have to be a very formal business, thanks to our mobile-friendly assessments. With this powerful feature, you can let your patients take the assessment from their chosen device. This cancer risk assessment has the advantage that patients can access, view and fill out these evaluations easily from a personal computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. This is important because your subjects needn’t always be seated somewhere or have access to their laptop. They might want to fill out the questionnaire even while they’re traveling. Mobile-friendly surveys are the starting point when offering them flexible care. The mobile layout is just as smooth as the layout from any other device, ensuring that the patients start and complete the assessment without failure. And you get up to 40% improved response and completion rates.

Powerful Insights

Any health assessment is of utmost importance to any individual. Those assessments which evaluate cancer risks are even more important as it is crucial to intervene as early as possible in case of a risk. And reading lengthy responses and trying to make sense of the huge data will only delay the right action. With SurveySparrow’s rich reporting and analytics, you can sit back and relax. At the same time, we pull up all the data and generate personalized reports that help you understand where a patient stands regarding the cancer risk. Use Executive Dashboard to slice and dice even vast amounts of data easily. Journey charts can help you compare the data of a single individual or multiple people over a particular period. This will help you identify trends, highlight areas of concern, and inform personalized cancer prevention strategies for patients. You can also generate custom reports, add filters and widgets and export them easily in PDF and SPSS formats.

More Templates

Is this cancer risk assessment questionnaire helping you conduct better cancer risk evaluations for your patients? We want you always to be able to provide better and personalized healthcare for your patrons. Keeping this in mind, we’ve built you the widest range of templates catered to your assessment needs. Hop on and check them out for free now!
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