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Auction Item Registration Form Template

Registering items for auctions? Worry no more! Our Auction Registration Form Template is here to make it easy for you. This template is designed to get you all the relevant information. Besides, it helps you sort your responses based on various criteria and revisit the same as and when required.

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Features of Auction Item Registration Form Template

Smooth out the process of registering items with this Auction Item Registration Form Template

Like we said, this template is capable of doing a lot more than just registering items for auctions. Keep reading to understand how you can make the most out of it!

Sort your Data

Track your previous items registered or a particular owner easily. This template lets you shuffle your past and present data using criteria like time-period, respondent-details, questions, answers and many more. And the best part is, you can save this data and peruse it late.

Voice Recording Feature

This form requires your respondent to type a lot of detail about the product that is up for auction and it can become really boring. In fact they also might forget important points. But you can make it easy for them. Turn on the Voice Transcription feature while you’re building the form. This will enable a microphone button for your clients. They simply click on it and start recording their answers instead of typing!

White-Labeled Form

When the auction is hosted by you, why should the form look like someone else’s? White-labeling always helps in creating a trust between you and your client. So, add your brand logo, use the color themes, the fonts, the images that are related to your brand. In fact, you can also host the form on your own domain.

Send Auto-Reminders

When you have a deadline to follow and you still don’t have your item descriptions in place, it is a task to follow up with your clients time and again. We’ve got your back here too! This template lets you set an interval time for reminder and relaxation. It will automatically send auto-triggered mails to all those who either have partially filled the form or haven’t at all.

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