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Work Productivity And Activity Impairment Questionnaire

Reasons to use our Work Productivity And Activity Impairment Questionnaire

Gauge impairments and productivity effortlessly with our Work Productivity And Activity Impairment Questionnaire

Advanced features of this work productivity and activity impairment questionnaire will ensure that you assess productivity and activity impairment in individuals and develop strategies for improved performance and reduced physical or mental abilities. Read on to know what features we’re talking about.


Everyone is unique, which calls for tailoring questionnaires to suit your audience’s needs. With SurveySparrow’s inbuilt customizations, you can create beautiful and smart WPAI questionnaires in very little time and with very little effort. If you’re looking to make your questionnaires visually appealing, you can choose a theme from the gallery or even create one from scratch. Code your questionnaires to perfection using CSS customizations. You can also white-label your questionnaire by adding your organization’s logo, fonts, and colors and even host them on your domain. Great customizations for your great missions!


Automations are the life and soul of any survey, particularly ones associated with an individual’s well-being. You will likely want to ask productivity questions more than once to an individual, maybe more than once a year. Such situations warrant powerful automations which will help you send out your questionnaires at regular pre-determined intervals. You can set cut-off dates in case you’re conducting a research study. You can also disable scrolling back to previously answered questions to get honest responses. Do more with less effort and time and use your questionnaires best.

Journey Map

Consider a scenario where you first assess an individual’s productivity and activity impairment, providing them with the right solution right away. After a certain time, you would want to know where they stand after effective diagnosis and treatment. A recurring survey will help with this certainly, but not without adequate analysis. This is where a journey map comes into play. Use journey maps to compare and correlate data, whether among the same subject or different subjects. This way, you won’t manually gauge productivity at different periods. You could also understand the efficiency of the treatment first prescribed.

Multiple Share

Whether you’re on a mission to discover health metrics or improve mental and physical well-being, nothing should stop you from accessing the best data and the right audience. With SurveySparrow’s omnichannel sharing capabilities, you can reach out to your desired audience in the manner they desire. You can contact them through mail, SMS, or URLs. If you’re an institution looking to do a case study on work productivity, you could embed your WPAI questionnaires on your website. What more, you can even place QR codes that’ll get the audience to scan and take your questionnaire easily by placing them wherever you wish. Offline shares will greatly help you if you need to carry out assessments in remote locations without much internet connectivity.

Advanced Reports

Creating and sharing productivity questions are crucial. But analyzing them and finding solutions are even more critical. Raw data in itself doesn’t make any sense without reporting. Analyze your work productivity and activity impairment questionnaires to perfection by using our advanced reporting features. Using the built-in reporting features, generate graphs, charts, and tables, to help you identify trends and patterns in the data. Access executive dashboards, customize them, add widgets, use word clouds, and more to assist you smoothly. Use advanced report filters and add more meaning to all your reports. You can also export your reports in PDF or SPSS formats.

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