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Leadership Skills Assessment Questionnaire Template

Features of our Leadership Skills Assessment Questionnaire

Effectively analyze multiple leadership competencies with our Leadership Skills Assessment Questionnaire

Using this leadership skills assessment questionnaire has many perks, some of which you would already know now. But it stands out from other assessments because it helps candidates gain a deep understanding of their skills and paves the way for improvement possibilities through the least invasive leadership survey questions. Excited to learn more? Read on.

Conversational Interface

With leadership assessment questionnaires comes added sophistication and responsibilities, which make the candidates conscious while attempting them. In such a scenario, it is important to make them comfortable while engaging them continuously. With SurveySparrow’s conversational and intuitive interface, you can provide a rich survey experience to your respondents, helping you achieve upto 40% more response and completion rates. The conversational leadership skills surveys created also help you collect honest and thoughtful answers, leading to better insights about a candidate’s leadership skills.

Mobile-friendly Surveys

Flexibility is something respondents desire while attempting any surveys. This leadership questionnaire can be accessed from any device, including mobile devices and tablets. Participants can take and complete the questionnaire at their own convenience and time without facing any restrictions. While helping improve participation rates, compatible surveys also help enhance completion rates. Participants often return to take your leadership skills surveys and gather insights, resulting in continuous development.


Each individual is different, with different appeals on visual and utility aspects. Hence, it becomes essential to roll out personalized and customizable questionnaires suited to fit their personalities and traits. With SurveySparrow’s in-built customizations, you can deliver the right surveys for your participants. Explore your favorite themes from the library or create one from scratch. Add images and videos or change fonts and colors to completely white-label them. Use variables such as the participant names and even pipe answer from previous questions to delve deeper into their minds. Do more easily and effectively.

Advanced Reports

As important as building leadership, survey questions are analyzing them properly to arrive at informed decisions. Customized and advanced reports facilitate easy data analysis and visualization of survey responses, all in a single place. Get access to survey filters, widgets, and other tools like word cloud to decode patterns and assess competencies. Know where each candidate stands and build personal development plans. Export these reports into PDF or SPSS formats and share them effortlessly. Hassle-free assessments, any day!

Multi-Share Options

While you love our mobile-friendly leadership assessment questionnaires, you’re going to love their omnichannel sharing possibilities even more. Take your assessment games to the next level by sharing them via SMS or email. You can even place QR codes where participants hang out to catch the survey’s eye. Share them via Slack or MS Teams if you have a well-knit group of employees. Explore the possibilities for portal share and do everything on a single platform. Even distribute your leadership questionnaires via social media platforms or through your websites. Host them on your unique domain and share the URLs.

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