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Make it interactive!

Personalize your survey by adding in messages addressed to the respondents and keep them engaged to get honest and accurate feedback to drive actionable insights from.

A variety of question types!

There’s no one way of asking a question. So why settle for a single type of question? We have a variety of questions that encourage respondents to spend more time on the survey and give you the necessary details.

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Use this template to create your own Post Implementation Review Form!

All about Post Implementation Review

In brief, post-implementation review is a way to understand how efficiently you were able to accomplish the goals that you had set out for yourself before you began with the implementation process of your concepts, ideas, or projects.

But why is there a need to analyze your implementation process?

Well, if you want to avoid making mistakes like the one you made in your previous attempt, you need to learn from your mistakes instead of just moving on to the next task at hand where you risk making the same mistakes.

So, how do we ensure that we learn from our mistakes and make use of our learnings in the future?

Well, there are many ways to gather the information you want to determine what worked and what didn’t. Here are some examples.

  • Gap Analysis

This method helps in assessing how your plan differed from the standards that you had set. Ask yourself, Are they at a quality level you expected? When there are gaps discovered, figure out how they can be resolved.

  • Project Goals

Well, the best way to describe this method is by asking yourself – Did you achieve the goals of your project? If not, you have to analyze what went wrong and ask specific questions to learn where things went sideways in the whole process.

  • Stakeholders

How satisfied are your stakeholders? Where the users’ needs met? If there is dissatisfaction, why is that, and what can you do to resolve it?

  • Benefits

Did the idea achieve the benefits that you thought it would, and if not why and how can that be improved? How can you further optimize the process to utilize other opportunities to further the results fully?

  • Lessons

Ask yourself, what were some of the issues that arose during the running of the implementation process and how could they be avoided in the future? What went well, and what can you learn from that experience?

  • Report

Document what you learned from the review, be it the actions needed to get the beneficial results you want, and list the lessons you’ve learned, note how these lessons can impact future projects, so you can avoid these problems and grow.

When to conduct a Post Implementation Review?

The best time to conduct a Post Implementation Review is between 1 and 6 months after implementing an idea. By then, we can accumulate enough data from the customers in order to ascertain whether the idea is a success or not. A Post Implementation Review plays a very important role in the implementation process, as it’s during this review that the success is measured.

Survey Sparrow gives you the option of using the foremost method of collecting all types of data – A Survey! With multiple question types, you can customize your survey according to your needs and use the insightful reports generated by us to make effective and efficient decisions to help implement your ideas.
This post-implementation review template includes all of the content you need to perform a Post Implementation Review. Try it today!

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