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Post Implementation Review Survey Template

This post implementation review survey template is to collect critical insights from project stakeholders after implementation to know if the defined scope, goals were achieved and the project was completed within the planned budget and time.

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Features of Post Implementation Review Survey Template

Use Cases: Post Implementation Review Survey Template

Project Management and Product Launch

Managers can use this template to evaluate the project management process and identify what went well and what could have been improved. The information can later be used to assess whether the project was completed on time and within budget. A collection of feedback on the effectiveness of the project team and their collaboration can also be integrated into this survey. Managers can customize it to assess customer satisfaction for the launch of a new product or service. It can then be used to collect feedback on product features, usability, and any issues encountered.

Software or System Implementation

When putting in place new software or IT systems, IT departments can use the template to see how well the software meets the needs of employees or end users. This would help them find technical problems, software bugs, or issues with how the software works with different systems. It can include rating scales or slider-type questions that can be used to assess the user-friendliness of the new system. It can be a way of providing training information to employees and thereafter gauging the effectiveness of the training information as well. Additionally, you can access the Post Implementation Review Checklist to assist in the implementation process.

Event or Conference Planning

Gathering feedback from participants to assess the success of an event or conference would become easy using this template. The collected information can be used to identify areas for improvement in event logistics, content, and overall experience. By measuring attendee satisfaction and the likelihood of attendance, event management platforms can estimate the likelihood of future attendance at their next events. The information can be used to segment the audience according to geographical locations.

Marketing Campaigns

The template can be customized and used to evaluate the success of a marketing campaign in terms of reaching the target audience, acquiring new clients, or cross-sell rate. Feedback on the impact of marketing materials and messaging can be gauged by including rating scale or slider-type questions. It can also be used to calculate the Net Promoter Score It would help in identifying which channels or strategies were most effective.

What is a post-implementation review?

A post-implementation review is a process to know the effectiveness of concepts, ideas, or projects implemented concerning the goals and objectives. For a step-wise analysis, a post-implementation review checklist is used. The above template can be customized in a checklist and used to conduct the process.

But, why is there a need to analyze your implementation process?

If you want to avoid making mistakes like the one you made in your previous attempt, you need to learn from your mistakes instead of just moving on to the next task, where you risk repeating them. You can use this post-implementation review survey template for analyzing the processes.

So, how can this post-implementation review survey template be used to ensure that mistakes are not repeated and the learning curve is improving?

There are many ways to gather the information you want to determine what worked and what didn’t in the post-implementation review in change management. Questions related to the following can be included in your post-implementation review template.

  • Gap Analysis

This method helps assess how your plan differed from the standards you had set. Ask yourself, Are they at the quality level you expected? When there are gaps discovered, figure out how they can be resolved.

  • Project Goals

Well, the best way to describe this method is by asking yourself – Did you achieve the goals of your project? If not, you must analyze what went wrong and ask specific post-implementation review questions to learn where things went sideways.

  • Stakeholders

How satisfied are your stakeholders? Where are the users’ needs met? If there is dissatisfaction, why is that, and what can you do to resolve it?

  • Benefits

Did the idea achieve the benefits you thought it would, and if not, why and how can that be improved? How can you optimize the process to utilize other opportunities to increase the results?

  • Lessons

Ask yourself, what issues arose during the implementation process and how could they be avoided in the future? What went well, and what can you learn from that experience?

  • Post Project Report

Document what you learned from the review, be it the actions needed to get the beneficial results you want, and list the lessons you’ve learned. Note how these lessons can impact future projects, so you can avoid these problems and grow.

When should a Post Implementation Review be conducted?

The best time to conduct a Post Implementation Audit is between one and six months after implementing an idea. By then, we can accumulate enough customer data to ascertain whether the idea is a success. The review plays a very important role in the implementation process, as it’s during this review that success is measured. Our post-implementation review survey template is a handy tool for conducting the review.

How SurveySparrow can simplify your post-implementation review?

SurveySparrow can significantly aid in conducting post-implementation reviews by leveraging its versatile survey capabilities.

This post-implementation review template includes all the content you need to perform a post-implementation review. Making a standard post-implementation checklist allows you to control your outcomes better. Develop best practices for yourself by using this post-project review template to implement your concepts, ideas, or projects to their full potential.

Our survey builder and multiple sharing options help you to:

Gather Feedback

Collect feedback from team members, end-users, and stakeholders involved in the project implementation. Use a variety of question types to capture valuable insights.


Customize your survey questions to address specific aspects of the implementation process, such as user experience, technical challenges, or project timelines.


Easily distribute the survey to the relevant individuals via email, web links, or other convenient channels.

Reporting and Analysis

Leverage the insightful reports generated by SurveySparrow to analyze the feedback received. Identify areas that require improvement, assess user satisfaction, and pinpoint any challenges encountered during implementation.


Use the data collected through the survey to make informed decisions for enhancing the implementation process and achieving better outcomes.

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