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Job Hazard Analysis Form Template

This job hazard analysis form template helps you to collect safety related information related to the job they are performing. Using the conversational tone, you can ask about safety tools they are using and how they can be upgraded.

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Features of Job Hazard Analysis Form Template

More Features of Job Hazard Analysis Form Template

With SurveySparrow, this job analysis form template is transformed into a tool to make the job environment for your workers more safe. You can track the responses, create cases, and give focused attention to every workers’ needs.

Styling & Branding

Using our builder, you can customize the look and feel of the jha form template according to your needs. Choose the background color, button color, and text colors of your choice based on your brand. We also have a collection of themes which can be applied in just a single click. It doesn’t stop here. The builder also has a CSS editor using which you can code your own background.

Integrate with Google Sheets

All the responses collected from task hazard analysis form can be exported instantly into a google sheet. Using the features of sheets, you can segment the responses based on the safety levels and create plans to execute them. The sheet will always be accessible through the integration tab.

Go Offline

This activity hazard analysis template comes handy even when your construction site is located in the outskirts. The offline feature allows you to install the form on a kiosk or any offline device and the workers can fill it even when there is no internet connectivity.

Contacts Management

Import all your employees contacts from a csv file, or google account into your SurveySparrow account. You can not only share the form with all your employees in a go, but also make it personalized using contact params. You can even filter your contacts based on departments and share the form to only specific workers.

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