Here's what you can do with this online job application form template.

Embed in Website

Embed it as a job application bot on your Careers page. Or, simply inline embed it or make it a pop-up card.

Collect Video Resumes

Accept job applications, by making use of our Upload question type. The format can be any, from any image, file, to video.

Filter Candidates

Definitely. Once the responses are recorded in real-time, you can make use of our Advanced Reports Filters to select candidates based on certain criteria.

Customize this template using our job application builder, now!

Track Job Applications Using Case Management

The online job application template is not just a tool to collect job applications online. You can use it to manage the entire job application process, assign the applicants to your team members and shortlist them.

Yes! Having this template is like having an entire job application tracker at your fingertips!

Our case management feature allows us to create cases for individual job applications and assign, specific team members. No hassles!

What can you do with our Case Management Feature?

You can create tickets based on the entries received and assign the candidates to the interviewers. Our in-built system enables you to track the applicant’s status and conduct each round of selection with no hassles.

  • Collect Responses

Every time a potential candidate completes the job application form, the responses are collected on the platform. You can see them on the Dashboard.

  • Create Individual Cases

Generate tickets for every applicants’ responses and assign them to your teammates. The system will automatically notify them about the ticket/case assigned. Allow them to take ownership of the process.

  • Feedback System

Let your teammates give feedback about candidates by writing down their observations about a candidate in the form of notes. They serve as dependable references for other interviewers in subsequent steps to assess the candidates.

  • All-in-one Platform

Manage everything under one platform and cut down the hassle of handling different platforms for managing data. Set priority type, case status, and due date to individual cases.

  • Find Loopholes

The platform gives you a birds-eye view of the process and helps you to find loopholes and work on continuous improvement.

Say bye to the messy and exhaustive excel sheets and use this job application form template to manage your hiring process effortlessly.

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