Features of Seminar Invitation Template

More Features of Seminar Invitation Template

Are you planning on inviting people to your seminar? Then you’ve come to the correct spot. This invitation template by SurveySparrow helps you to stand out and attract a large number of visitors. Use unique photos and videos in your template design to make it more engaging to your guests. Make this invitation only once, then sit back and relax. Set your invitation form to be sent at regular intervals by using the automate option.

Display/Skip Logic

Voila! SurveySparrow offers you some fascinating solutions. It allows you to avoid boring your guests with irrelevant questions if they are not planning to attend the session. To bypass all questions and get directly to the Thank you page, use the Display/Skip Logic. Show questions based on their choices.

Send Reminders

You may send automated reminders with this smart seminar invitation template. Yes, you read that correctly! Send reminders to those who did not complete the invite or who have just partially completed it. You only need to enter your criteria and deadlines. SurveySparrow will send reminders all by itself!

Multiple Sharing Option

We recognize that your invitees may be comfortable with a variety of communication options for your educational seminar invitation. As a result, this template enables you to distribute the invitation across different platforms. Share it on various social media networks, or send SMSes or emails including the invitation. QR codes are a great addition!

Multi-Device Compatibility

Your educational seminar invitation template can work on tablets, computers, and cell phones. SurveySparrow provides mobile-first templates for the convenience of your responders. Your guests can access those on the go anytime and anywhere.

Converse Your Way

This is not a traditional invitation form; it seems more like a personalized interaction, providing a sense of conversation among the attendees. Their responses to your queries will eventually be candid.

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