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Employee Termination Checklist Template

This employee termination checklist template can significantly sort out employee exit paperwork for HRs. The checklist can serve as a reminder guide for HRs if any step in employee offboarding is missed. The minimalistic UI of this checklist makes it easy and quick to fill up!

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Features of our employee termination checklist template

More Features of Employee Termination Checklist Template

The employee termination process entails numerous activities such as gathering information about employees’ concerns, collecting company belongings from the employee, clearing due amounts, and so on. Don’t be concerned about the time-consuming procedure! SurveySparrow is on your side. Let’s look at a few more features that’ll help you,

One question at a time

With one question appearing at one time, this checklist for employee termination acts as a guide for HRs. Every question can be answered with a simple tap or a click and the next question slides in. This simplifies the employee exit paperwork and reduces the time they spend filling out the form.

Notification via email

Receive email notifications immediately after anyone from the HR team fills out this employee exit checklist. This makes it easier for the HR managers to keep track of the offboarding process which will eliminate the time-consuming task of constantly checking the dashboard. So relax and keep your chin up!

Embedded Form

Sharing the employee separation checklist with your employees manually each time is time-consuming. As a result, we make it simple for you to embed the form on your employee management portal! We’ve already worked on the technical aspects. Generate the embed code and paste it wherever you want.

Conversational UI

Instead of a time-consuming questionnaire, use this template to interact with your employees. Like Yes or No questions, Emojis and text messages can help you engage and communicate with your employees more effectively.

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