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Employee Nomination Form Template

Features of Employee Nomination Form Template

More Features of Employee Nomination Form Template

Boost your employees morale by nominating them for training or certification programs within the company through this employee nomination form.

White Labeling

Customize this nomination form template with your own themes, colors and fonts based on your company’s guidelines. Add your brand logo to the form and make it look truly yours. Generate custom URL of your own with the company’s name in it

Mobile SDK

This feature lets you embed the employee nomination form in your native mobile apps i.e in Android and iOS. This feature makes the form easily accessible for the managers or team leaders and lets them fill the form instantly from anywhere.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share this training nomination form through multiple channels. You can share the form via SMS, embed in mail and share web link with the managers. Create a short URL of your own and share it with the teams and managers directly through daily communication apps.

Case Management

Create multiple cases on the employee being nominated for the training or certification program. Use the data of the employees based on the responses and generate reports. These reports can be used to access the candidates based on the requirement.

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