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Employee Equipment Return Form Template

Features of Employee Equipment Return Form Template

More Features of Employee Equipment Return Form Template

Simplify the equipment return process and maintain a clear documentation using SurveySparrow.

Mobile SDK

With this feature in your form , you can embed the employee equipment return form in your android or ios app. This will make it easier for the employee to fill in the form on their smartphones. You can trigger the form by using a few lines of code and gain rich insights from the employees. This feature will help in increasing the response rate at a faster rate.

Slack or Microsoft Teams Integration

Turn on integration with Slack and MS Teams and enable filling the equipment return form within the app itself. This becomes very easy when someone is filling the form on a smartphone.

White Labeling

Increase the brand awareness and identity by adding the brand logo to your form. Using this feature you can customize the form with your own themes and make the form look truly yours. You can also create a customized URL with your company’s name in it.

Emojis & Gifs

Get creative, and make your form look stunning. Make it interactive using images and gifs. Our builder is integrated with Unsplash and Giphy libraries. Use right keywords in the search box and most relevant ones will be displayed.

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