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Employee Complaint Form Template

This employee complaint form template covers everything from physical harassment, cyberbullying, to cases of theft. It includes a text-based question for employees to add complete details of their complaint so that a proper in-depth inquiry. Take a trial run of the sample complaint form now!

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Features of this Employee Complaint Form Template

More Features of Employee Complaint Form Template

The features of SurveySparrow help you manage employee complaints easily. Integrate this workplace complaint form with other tools and collect complaints of any thefts or a misact at ease. Keep track of all cases, ensure that they are solved at the right time, and build a safe workplace.

Multiple Sharing Options

You can share this human resource complaint form via email, SMS or web links. You can also share this employee concerns form on multiple communication platforms like Slack or MS Teams. This will also help you in tracking the responses based on the type of sharing.

White Labeling

This feature lets you add the brand logo into the form and makes it more trustworthy to the employees. You can customize this hr complaint form with your own ideas using our CSS tool. You can also have a custom URL with the brand name in it. You can share this URL on multiple platforms and track the responses.

Sentiment Analysis

Use this feature in your free complaint form to slice and dice the responses based on the sentiment. This will help you identify the mood of the respondents based on the responses. You can also understand the types of complaints you are getting. Identify how satisfied your employees are with the work culture and quick actions can be taken. Integration

SurveySparrow in integration with lets you create a dashboard with the details of every employee filling the form. The details like name, phone number, email are added in the board and beside that in the status column you can update the status of the problems as resolved or in progress. This will reduce the confusion and will let you resolve the problems one by one efficiently.

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