Features of Daily Activity Log Template

Track the daily activities easily with this Daily Activity Log Template

This template can easily be customized as per your needs. In fact if you want to track the weekly activities, you can easily modify it to the same.

Contact form question type

Add the contact form question type to your activity tracker to get the details of your employees easily in one go instead of taking in the data one at a time. This helps in reducing the number of questions thus reducing the time to fill up the form.

Matrix question

This template comes with a matrix question type that allows you to add multiple statements in one question. This question type lets your respondent answer using a radio button, text based, drop down and rating scale. Based on your requirement, add the right matrix type.

Sort your data

This template comes with features like cross tabulation and advanced report filters that enables you to compare and contrast responses from your employees easily. While the cross tabulation features allows you to understand the pattern of amount of work produced by employees, the advanced report filters allows you to sort your data based on time period, employee details, questions, answers and many more!

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