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Background Check Authorization Form Template

Features of Background Check Authorization Form Template

More Features of Employee Background Check Authorization Form Template

Background check is an essential step before onboarding an employee. This pre-employment background check authorization form template enables you to receive consent from the employees-to-be without the tedious paperwork and faster.

Accept Signatures

This background check form for employers comes with a signature question type that enables you to accept signature from your employees while filling up the form. Thus ensuring a foolproof consent for background check request without any further confusion. This question type lets you draw, type or upload the signature keeping the comfort of the respondent in mind.

Terms and Conditions Question Type

The Terms and Conditions question type provided with this background check form lets you add all the required terms and conditions and then accept the consent of the employee-to-be. This ensures a clear communication between the employer and the employee to avoid any further miscommunication.

White-Labeled Form

Customize the form to a Tee! Add your logo, images, brand colors, fonts, to meet your brand guidelines. You can even use your own customized URL to host your form. Besides, a white-labeled form gives a sense of authenticity, thus gaining the trust of your respondents.

Interactive Form

Make your form more interactive and engaging. Add background images, and even videos to your background check authorization form and communicate better with your employee-to-be. Besides, this also gives a positive impression on your respondent!

Automated Reminder

Remind your employees to fill up the form in case they’ve missed. You can also send reminders to the ones who’ve filled the form but did not complete it. Set categories and time frames of the reminder and SurveySparrow will do the needful without you worrying about it!

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