Features of this student registration form template

More features of Student Registration Form Template

During the admission process, every student and parent has to fill out a student form. We have designed a registration form for students that lets you record the data of every student in just a few clicks. Use this student form to simplify the admission process. This template is equipped with a variety of features that can be used to customize the template.

Upload Picture

A student registration form is incomplete without the photograph of the student. This template comes with a question type that allows the respondent to upload their photo either by drag and dropping a file or by browsing the file. Thus eliminating the hassle of managing the hard copies manually and reducing the waiting time to receive the picture.

Library of Question Types

Apart from the types of questions stated previously, this student registration template includes a spectrum of other question types, varying from text to contact form. Choose the most relevant question type based on the response you expect from your college students. This lessens students’ effort and speeds up the process of filling it up.

Customizable Form

A well-designed registration form can be created with not just relevant questions but also with good themes to engage the respondents. We’ve designed several themes that can be applied to the college registration form easily from our builder. Or, you can customize them to make your own!

Go Offline

No or broken network, your registration can work either ways! Simply download our offline application on a device and make your template work on it without any internet connection. And to transfer the offline, just set a time and the template will automatically transfer all your responses to your dashboard.

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