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Student ID Replacement Form Template

Features of Student ID Replacement Form Template

More Features of Student ID Replacement Form Template

Collecting information on each student’s identity card missing application and managing bulk replacements is exceptionally time-consuming. Using SurveySparrow, you can manage the entire process hassle free

Comprehensive Contact Form

Use this application for lost id card template to collect contact information from your students, which covers all data such as name, email address, address, phone number, and so on. You may also customize the contact form to your liking.

Skip/Display Logic

Don’t exhaust your students with needless inquiries; instead, ask pertinent and matching questions. Turn it on to display or skip a question depending on prior answers from your respondents. This helps to shorten the time it takes to fill out the form.

Accept Signatures

To avoid further confusion, a form with such an important intent must be signed. As a result, this template includes a signature question type that allows you to collect signatures from your respondents. Respondents can upload, draw, or type their signatures in response to this question type.

Capture Picture

You must obtain photographs of your students for their ID cards. Using photo capture option students can click and upload their photos as they fill out the form. As a result, it eliminates the delay of uploading or physically submitting the image.

Secure your Data

While the students fill out the application form, it is your responsibility to keep their data safe and protected. This template uses SSL to establish connection – in short, it ensures your data is safe and secure.

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