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Career Cluster Interest Survey Template

This career cluster interest survey template is designed for students, educators, and career advisors alike. By rating activities, personal qualities, and school subjects, this survey helps individuals uncover their interests and find career clusters that align with their aspirations.

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Why you’ll be interested in our Career Cluster Interest Survey

De-clutter their minds effectively using our Career Cluster Interest Survey

With this career cluster interest survey, you stand a great chance of impressing your candidates, thanks to its multiple features. Adding to its super flexibility and conversationality are more cool functionalities that will help you collect, analyze and identify better.

Customized Themes

What good are career interest surveys if they’re not highly customizable? For each high school student, each employee or each curious individual is different from the rest of the crowd. Add to the charm and utility of your survey by employing customizations like variables, answer piping, and more. Choose a favorite theme from the library of pre-made themes, or create one from scratch. You can even code your surveys to perfection using CSS customizations. Add videos or images to your survey backgrounds. Get them to fall head over heels in love with your survey with great customization possibilities.

Multiple Share Options

If you’re looking to share your career cluster assessments through multiple channels, then SurveySparrow is your best bet. Distribute your surveys through SMS if you feel that’s where your audience hangs out. Use the email share for the professionals. While creating a career interest survey for high school students, you can go the extra mile and place QR codes on school campuses to attract students and get them to take the surveys. You can also embed these surveys on your website or generate URLs that can be shared extensively.

Conditional Logics

Any careers cluster survey will have more meaning only if it can help the candidate identify and deep dive into their area of interest. Use conditional logic to help them achieve this. For example, if you find that a candidate means environmentalism, you can use display logic to show them more questions related to that field to help gauge their interest in that. If you see that a particular respondent is not interested in a particular field, you could use this to avoid any questions about that field. Skip logic allows candidates to jump from one question to another by skipping all the questions in between. They won’t see the skipped questions and will only find the relevant ones.

Powerful Automation

Do more than create professional surveys by enabling automation to help you do more with the least manual effort. You can schedule reminder emails for those who have yet to complete their surveys or incomplete forms. You could also allow them to edit and resubmit their responses. You can even share a copy of the responses with candidates. Integrate your surveys with multiple third-party tools to help you extend capabilities and do more.


If you’re a career guidance expert or an agency providing such services, you would want your surveys to reflect your brand. Lift your brand image even through your career interest surveys by enabling end-to-end white labeling. Retain and bring in your brand identity by using your logos on your surveys. You can even bring in your color palettes and make them truly look yours. Add favicons to make it more like a casual chat. Host your surveys on your domain. Nurture the trust and boost the confidence of your respondents by displaying your identity.

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