Features of our Contact Tracing Form Template

Easy Data Management

Be it your employees, staff or customers.. all the responses are saved in the contact tracing log which you can track and trace anytime using our dashboard. Trace and find the contacts to break the chain!

Offline Form

Stores and offline businesses can set up an Offline Survey Kiosk and collect real-time data from employees. No need to rely on internet connectivity. Collect responses without hassles.

Multiple Sharing Options

Integrate with Slack or Microsoft Teams to reach your workspace easily. You can even embed the contact tracing form for business on your website or send through SMS.

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All About Contact Tracing

Since the beginning of the pandemic, one strategy that has been effective in curbing the infection down is contact tracing. Be it a workplace, or a stationary store, contact tracing forms are used everywhere to record the details.

Of course, it’s a challenge to keep a check on COVID in your environment especially when it’s not as serious as it can be. But, it can become easier by following a process and strictly monitoring it.

What are the things to be considered when setting up a process for contact tracing?

Setting up a contact tracing process can be hectic as it comes with a lot of other aspects like confidentiality of information, government policies, scrutiny, and since there are people involved the risk of errors is too high.

There are some crucial pointers to be understood while setting up a tracing process.

Expect the Worst
While designing up the contact tracing process, always consider the worst possible scenario. Draft a strict contact tracing policy that falls in line with the government guidelines. Ask the right questions in contact tracing forms and questionnaires. Use our contact tracing form template for the same. Big corporations can set up a team specifically focused on contact tracing. Their job can be to collect the contact details of employees, clients, customers, maintain confidentiality and identify the chain in case anyone infected is found. Create strict SOPs and ensure that they are followed at any cost.

Take Inputs from Experts
After the process is designed, consult experts from health departments, and doctors to identify the possible obstacles and loose ends in the process. Rework the process and ensure that it is fully proof. Also, during the execution be in touch with the government health officials. For employees, clients, or customers traveling from abroad, the information can be collected from concerned health officials as a measure of safety.

Use Technology
Make use of the latest technologies to trace the contacts. Develop contact tracing apps that use GPS and Bluetooth to identify positive cases in the surrounding of a subject. Use electronic devices to constantly measure the body temperature and sprayers to keep the environment sanitized. Needless to say, ensure that every personnel is wearing masks and social distancing is maintained. Use our online contact tracing form template to effortlessly manage all the data and streamline the tracing process.

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