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Parental Authorization Form Template

Features of Parental Authorization Form Template

More Features of Parental Authorization Form Template

Collect authorizations using parental authorization form template for minors oci seamlessly and use these features of SurveySparrow to improve the respondent’s experience, and make your tasks easier. Collect documents, translate into different languages, and more.

Customizable Form

Use the builder to customize the oci form the way you want. We have a collection of pre designed themes. You can also design your own themes by uploading your own background image and adjusting colors and font. You can customize the questions using a library of question types.

White-Label Form

Remove SurveySparrow branding from the template and add your own brand. Along with customizable features, you also get a custom domain. Choose any name for the domain you want and make your URL look authentic, brand-friendly. This also bulbs trust amongst the respondent.

Accept Documents

Using our upload document question, you can collect all necessary documents required to complete parental authorization for oci. Respondents can upload more than one document in the same question. And, you can access them through the dashboard.

Multilingual Support

Create a single form and use it across the globe. SurveySparrow supports more than 70 languages and you can translate every question in the form using google translate feature. Just check the feature and you are done!

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