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Parental Authorization Form Template

Features of Parental Authorization Form Template

Create a secured Parental Authorization Form Template with SurveySparrow


Use Cases of Parental Authorization Form


Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Applications

For children applying for Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI), our Parental Authorization Form Template is very helpful. This form is used by parents to give their consent for their child to hold OCI status. It ensures that both parents agree to the application and are aware of the legal and citizenship implications it carries.

International School Trips and Exchanges

When schools organize trips or student exchange programs abroad, they require parental consent, especially for children holding OCI status. These forms cover details like travel, accommodation, and activities, ensuring parents are informed and agree with all aspects of the international experience.

Enrollment in Overseas Educational Institutions

For children with OCI status enrolling in educational institutions abroad, parental consent is crucial. The authorization form serves as an official document confirming the parents’ approval of their child’s enrollment in a foreign school, including understanding the curriculum and cultural differences.

Consent for Dual Citizenship Matters

In situations involving dual citizenship, such as for children eligible for OCI, parents must use the authorization form to agree on matters related to their child’s dual status. This includes travel restrictions, rights, and obligations in both countries, ensuring that parents make informed decisions about their child’s citizenship status.


Sample Questions

  1. What is the full legal name of your child?
  2. Please provide the date of birth of your child (format: DD/MM/YYYY).
  3. What is your full legal name as the parent or guardian?
  4. Please specify your relationship to the child (e.g., mother, father, legal guardian).
  5. Could you provide your current contact details, including phone number and email address?
  6. Who should be contacted in case of an emergency? Please include their name, relationship to the child, and contact details.
  7. What specific activity or program are you giving consent for your child to participate in?/li>
  8. For what duration is this authorization valid? Please specify start and end dates.”
  9. Does your child have any special medical needs, allergies, or requires special care? Please provide details.
  10. Do you authorize the provision of emergency medical treatment for your child if necessary?
  11. Do you grant permission for your child to travel for specific school or program-related activities? If yes, please specify.
  12. Do you give consent for your child to be photographed or recorded for educational or promotional purposes by the school or program?
  13. Please list the names of individuals who are authorized to pick up your child from the program or school.
  14. Do you acknowledge and understand any potential risks associated with the activity or program your child will participate in?
  15. Please sign and date here to indicate your agreement and validation of the information provided in this form.




1. How can the Parental Authorization Form be personalized for different families or scenarios?

Our custom variables and expressions can tailor the form to unique situations and customize accordingly.

2. What mechanisms are in place to remind parents to complete the form?

Yes, you can make use of the automatic reminder emails feature for incomplete or pending forms.

3. How customizable is the form in terms of design and branding?

Absolutely, you can alter the design extensively which cover modifying the design, including themes, colors, and branding.

4. Is there a feature to collect necessary documents through the form?

Yes, our forms has the ability to upload and collect documents directly through the form.

5. Does the form support multiple languages for diverse communities?

Our multilingual support and google translation feature in the survey builder support 200+ languages used in diverse communities.


Benefits of Parental Authorization Form Template


These benefits indeed highlight the effectiveness of a well-designed Parental Authorization Form Template, especially when utilized in platforms like SurveySparrow.

Customized Detail Collection

The ability to add personalized details for each child and situation in the template is crucial. It allows for specificity in the information gathered, ensuring that the consent given is well-informed and relevant to each unique circumstance. This personalization feature that are conversational gives a deeper level of trust and clarity between parents and the organization.

Automated Efficiency

Setting up an automatic reminders feature for form completion is a game-changer in terms of efficiency. It eliminates the need for manual follow-ups, ensuring that consents are collected in a timely manner. This automation not only saves time but also helps in maintaining a consistent process for consent collection.

Easy Accessibility

By embedding the form on websites, emails, etc organizations ensure that it is easily accessible to a larger audience. This step is particularly effective in increasing response rates, as it places the form in spaces where parents are already active. The convenience of accessing the form online encourages more parents to complete it promptly.

Multilingual Support

Offering the form in multiple languages is essential in communities with diverse linguistic backgrounds. This inclusivity ensures that all parents, regardless of their primary language, can understand and accurately complete the form. This feature is critical for gathering accurate data and ensuring that every parent has an equal opportunity to provide informed consent.


How to use this Parental Authorization Form Template


SurveySparrow’s Parental Authorization Form Template simplifies consent collection with customizable designs, integrated document upload options, and multilingual support.


The template allows for extensive customization. You can personalize the form for each specific situation by adding variables and expressions. The customization extends to the visual aspects too, with options to select from pre-designed themes or create your own by uploading backgrounds, and adjusting colors, and fonts.


It supports integration for document uploads, facilitating the collection of necessary documents directly through the form. Integrations like Mailchimp and Zapier, a third-party app help you integrate with your apps. Additionally, the form can be made to reflect your brand by removing SurveySparrow’s branding and adding your own, which enhances the form’s authenticity.


For ease of accessibility, the form can be embedded on websites. You can share it via email, mobile, SMS, link, QR code, etc. This feature simplifies the process of sharing the form with parents, as it can be placed on platforms they frequently visit.


The multilingual support of the template caters to a diverse audience by allowing translations into over 200 languages using Google translate option in the survey builder. This ensures that parents from different linguistic backgrounds can easily understand and fill out the form.

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