Features of this online donation form template

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Our online donation form template comes in handy while you are trying to collect donations online. Using SurveySparrow builder you can either customize this donation form template or create your own donation form.

To customize our online donation form template, you can either choose from the collection of themes we have or you can use our builder feature to design your own background. You can also save the theme for yourself to use further.

Using our vast library of question types, you can add more questions to this template in just a few clicks. We have payment type questions specifically for payment forms. The question looks like a debit card where the donors can enter their card details and make payments.

Integrate your account with the stripe platform and configure your account. Collect payment for your online fundraisers.

Tips to collect charity donations online

To collect donations online you need to do the following,

1. Design an engaging web page for your online donations campaign. Ensure that the objective of your campaign is clear and the sincerity of the cause that you’ve undertaken is conveyed clearly. Have relevant images or videos on your webpage about your organization. Embed the online donation form.

2. Promote this page everywhere possible. Send the webpage link to your friends and family, promote it on social media, and all other networking groups. This will help you to connect with all like-minded people who are equally emotionally connected as you are with the cause you are supporting.

3. Ensure that the payment method is reliable. Provide all types of payment options to your donors. You would surely not like to miss out on your donors only because the appropriate payment option was not found. Also, having reliable payment platforms improves the trust value of the donors.

4. If you have made categories based on the donations, segment them. If you are using SurveySparrow, we have an exclusive case management feature that will help you to create a case for every donor and sign it to the team members.

Are online donations legal?

Yes. They are legal. Online donations are the same as crowdfunding. Donations are collected to support a specific cause.

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