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Online Donation Form Template

Why use this Online Donation Form Template?

Collect donations globally, manage campaigns effortlessly


Benefits of Using This Online Donation Form Template


Automated Reminders

Easily set up reminders to nudge potential donors who haven’t started filling out the form or those who left it incomplete. This feature helps in gently reminding your audience, increasing the likelihood of completing their donations.

Diverse Question Types

Gather information effectively by using a variety of question types suitable for different needs. You can include date, email, and URL questions to collect specific types of answers. For more detailed responses, utilize file upload options for document collection or enable respondents to take their pictures with a selfie camera option. This flexibility ensures you collect data in the format that works best for your needs.

Multilingual Support

Break language barriers by translating your form into 130+ languages with the Google Translate feature built into the form builder. This makes your form accessible to a wider audience, allowing donors from different linguistic backgrounds to contribute easily.

Flexible Form Formats

Choose from three different formats to best match your audience’s preferences. Opt for a conversational style, where questions appear one at a time on the screen, a single-page form for quick completion, or a chatbot for an interactive experience. This versatility ensures a user-friendly donation process for everyone.


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Who can use this template?


Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits can use this template to easily gather funds for various causes, such as humanitarian aid, environmental protection, and educational programs. The template’s customization options allow for compelling storytelling and engaging potential donors with the mission and impact of their contributions.

Educational Institutions

Schools, universities, and educational foundations can leverage this template to collect donations for scholarships, infrastructure development, or special projects. By integrating videos, and images, they can showcase the difference these funds make in enhancing educational opportunities and facilities.

Health and Research Foundations

Organizations focused on health care, medical research, and patient support services can utilize this form to secure funding for critical research projects, equipment purchases, and patient care programs. Specific research initiatives or healthcare missions can be highlighted in the form to inspire donations.

Arts and Cultural Organizations

Museums, theaters, and cultural associations can adopt this donation form to support the arts, fund exhibitions, performances, and preservation efforts. The template can be customized to reflect the aesthetic and mission of the organization, engaging patrons and art lovers in sustaining cultural heritage.

Community and Social Services

Charities and social service organizations providing aid to various community needs, such as food banks, homeless shelters, and domestic violence support services, can benefit from this template. It allows for the collection of funds necessary to maintain and expand these critical services, ensuring continued support for those in need.

Environmental and Wildlife Conservation Groups

These organizations can use the form to fund conservation efforts, wildlife protection initiatives, and environmental awareness campaigns. Customization features enable the highlighting of specific projects or endangered species, appealing to donors’ commitment to environmental care.

Religious and Spiritual Groups

Churches, temples, mosques, and other religious entities can use the form to gather funds for community outreach programs, facility maintenance, and charitable activities. The form can be customized to resonate with the spiritual values and objectives of the congregation.


4 Steps to use this Online Donation Form Template


Step 1: Customize Your Form

Begin by personalizing your donation form. You can change the background colors, adjust the font, add a video background, and set up welcome and thank you pages. If you want to add or remove fields, try the AI wing feature for easy rephrasing of entry fields. For those who are comfortable with coding, CSS is available for more detailed customizations.

Step 2: Integrate with Third-Party Apps

Enhance your form by connecting it with useful third-party applications. For instance, use Google Sheets to organize your data efficiently. Keep your donors updated by sending newsletters and campaign updates through Mailchimp. Additionally, incorporate a payment type question in your form to securely collect donations via Stripe.

Step 3: Share Your Form

Get the word out by using various sharing options. You can share your form via a direct link, SMS, email, on social media, embed it on a webpage, WhatsApp or even use a QR code. This variety of channels helps you reach more potential donors and collect donations more effectively.

Step 4: Monitor Responses

Keep track of the donations you’ve received by checking the responses in the dashboard. Here, you can export the data to a CSV file, and utilize filters and widgets to better understand your donors and the success of your campaign.


Tips for Collecting Charity Donations Online


Create an Engaging Donation Web Page

Design a captivating webpage for your donation campaign. Make sure your campaign’s goal is clearly stated and the authenticity of your cause is evident. Incorporate relevant images or videos about your organization and include the online donation form directly on the page.

Promote Your Page Widely

Share the link to your donation page with friends, family, and across social media platforms and networking groups. This broad promotion helps reach individuals who share your passion for the cause, increasing the likelihood of their support.

Offer Reliable Payment Methods

It’s crucial to provide a variety of secure payment options to your donors. Ensuring that your platform supports multiple payment methods prevents the loss of potential donations due to a lack of suitable payment options. Secure and versatile payment solutions also enhance donors’ trust in your organization.

Segment Donation Categories

If you have different donation levels or categories, organize them clearly. For those using SurveySparrow, take advantage of our ticket management feature. This tool allows you to create a specific ticket for each donor and assign it to team members for personalized follow-up.

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