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English Vocabulary Quiz Template

There’s a fine difference between “Let’s eat, grandma” & “Let’s eat, grandma.” Well, one mustn’t simply ignore punctuation. Let’s test how well you know your word power, vowels, punctuations, and spellings with this free English Vocabulary Quiz Template. Make this template conversational using our quiz builder.

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Features of English Vocabulary Quiz Template

Check your word power, grammar using English Vocabulary Quiz Template

Use cases of the English Vocabulary Quiz Template


Enhancing Classroom Learning

Teachers can use the English Vocabulary Quiz Template to create interactive student quizzes. This is a fun way to test vocabulary knowledge and reinforce learning in a classroom setting. With SurveySparrow, quizzes can be customized to match the lesson’s theme or difficulty level, making it suitable for students of different ages and proficiency levels. The platform’s engaging interface keeps students interested, and real-time feedback helps them immediately understand their mistakes.

Self-paced Learning

This quiz template is an excellent resource for individuals looking to improve their English vocabulary. Users can take quizzes at their own pace, track their progress, and revisit areas where they need more practice. SurveySparrow’s analytics with an executive dashboard provide insightful feedback on performance, allowing learners to identify patterns in their knowledge gaps and focus on specific areas of improvement.

Recruitment and Assessment

Companies and HR departments can utilize this Template as part of their recruitment process or employee assessments. This is particularly useful for roles that require a strong command of English. SurveySparrow enables easy integration into existing HR platforms, allowing for seamless administration of quizzes to applicants or employees. The platform’s reporting tools then help quickly evaluate a candidate’s or employee’s language proficiency, supporting informed decision-making.

Language Workshops and Courses

Organizers of language workshops or online courses can incorporate these quizzes as a component of their curriculum. This interactive element enhances the learning experience, providing a break from traditional teaching methods. With SurveySparrow, quizzes can be easily shared via email, link, mobile, QR code, or embedded in course materials. Plus, the ability to customize quizzes means they can be tailored to fit the workshop’s specific focus or the course’s learning objectives.



1. How can I customize this Quiz to match my teaching style?

With SurveySparrow, customizing the quiz is straightforward. You can add or edit questions, change the quiz theme, and even include multimedia elements like images or videos to align with your teaching style. This flexibility ensures your quiz feels personal and engaging for your students.

2. Is it possible to adjust the difficulty level of the quiz?

Absolutely! The template allows you to tailor the difficulty level of questions to suit the proficiency level of your audience, whether they are beginners or advanced learners. To provide a comprehensive assessment, you can create a mix of easy, medium, and hard questions.

3. Can I use this quiz to assess the vocabulary of non-native English speakers?

Yes, the quiz is designed to be versatile. It can effectively assess and enhance the vocabulary of both native and non-native English speakers. You can customize the content to focus on specific areas of vocabulary that are challenging for learners from different linguistic backgrounds.

4. How do participants receive feedback on their quiz performance?

We offer real-time feedback options. Once participants complete the quiz, they can see their results, including correct answers and explanations for any mistakes. This instant feedback is crucial for learning and improvement.

5. Can the quiz be integrated into an online course or website?

Yes, SurveySparrow supports easy integration. You can embed the quiz directly into your online course platform or website, providing seamless access for learners. This integration enhances the learning experience and keeps everything in one place.

6. How can I track the progress of multiple learners over time?

With our analytics and reporting tools, tracking progress is simple. You can view individual and group performance, identify trends, and measure improvement over time. This data is invaluable for adjusting teaching methods and materials.

The Benefits of Using English Vocabulary Quiz Template


Super Easy to Customize

Do you want to customize your quiz according to your taste and preferences? Or include fun images with your questions. With SurveySparrow, you can do all that and more. This means you can create quizzes that fit precisely what you or your learners need conversationally, making studying or teaching effective and a lot of fun.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

The best part? You can take these quizzes on any device, wherever you are. Whether on a bus, waiting for a friend, or just chilling at home, you can squeeze in a quick quiz session. Our mobile-friendly design means you don’t have to be stuck at a desk to learn new words or test your vocabulary.

Instant Feedback

After you finish a quiz, you can see how you did, thanks to our instant feedback feature. You’ll know right away which ones you need to work on. This quick feedback loop showcased in an executive dashboard helps you learn and remember new vocabulary faster because you can immediately see where to improve.

Share the Fun

Found a quiz you love? You can easily share it with friends or students. Whether you’re a teacher looking to challenge your class or a student wanting to study with friends, We let you share your quizzes through email, social media, QR code, or even a direct link. This way, learning doesn’t have to be a solo journey; you can make it a fun group activity.

How to use the English Vocabulary Quiz Template


The English Vocabulary Quiz Template on SurveySparrow is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to learn new words or test their language skills. Here’s how you can make the most of this template, broken down into four simple steps.


First, you get to make the quiz look and feel exactly how you want. Do you want to add pictures or some fun colors? Go for it! We let you tweak the quiz to your heart’s content by customizing colors, fonts, themes, etc. This means you can make quizzes just right for you or your learners, keeping everyone engaged and making learning fun.


You can easily integrate your quiz into your website blog. This is great if you’re a teacher with a class website or a student who wants to share study materials. You can even connect the quiz for learning or teaching, so everything works smoothly together, making your life much easier.


After people take your quiz, we show you how everyone did. You can see which words were tricky and which ones were a breeze. This helps you determine what to focus on next time, ensuring you or your learners are constantly improving and moving forward.


We make it super easy to send your quiz to the world, whether through email, social media, QR code, or just sharing a link. This way, you can get everyone in on the fun, turning learning into an extraordinary activity you do together.


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