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Features of English Vocabulary Quiz Template.

Different Types of Questions you can use for a English Vocabulary Quiz Template

If you want to customize this english vocabulary quiz template, into creating a more exhaustive quiz, you’ll need to add more questions. Our vocabulary quiz maker has a library of question types using which you can build an engaging quiz for your students.

Here are some of those question types,

Open Ended Question Type

This kind of question type is used for descriptive questions. For example, you can show a sentence with wrong grammar and ask your students to write the corrected form in the description box.

Another way of using this question type is for asking them to complete the sentence. A simple example would be “After Mary ___ ice-cream, she caught a cold” Students can type their answers in the description box.

Multiple Choice Question Type

This is the most widely used question type for quizzes, especially when you want to design a quiz that is short and quick. The number of choices can be anywhere between 3 to 5. In our vocabulary test maker, you can add more options, but more than five is usually not recommended. Multiple choice questions take less effort to answer and using them often gives you a higher completion rate.

Picture Choice Question Type

This is another variant of multiple choice question type but with pictures supporting the options. This question type makes the quiz more interactive. Our free vocabulary quiz maker is already integrated with Unsplash and Giphy libraries. A simple search will display an array of pictures matching your search. Just click on the right image of the gif, and you will see it in the options. It is that easy!

Yes/No Question Type

You can use this for true/false type questions. In the case of multiple-choice questions, there can be a possibility of two answers to a question. But, the yes/no question type is strictly bipolar.

Dropdown Type Question

When in a multiple-choice question you have many options, dropdown question type can be used. Dropdown questions can have either a single answer or multiple answers. This question type comes in handy while filling in the contact details after completing the quiz. You can manually enter the number of cities, states, or countries in the drop-down and the respondent can select them easily!

Use these question types and make your own vocabulary quiz using SurveySparrow!

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