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Software Approval Form Template

Managing new software requests or existing software updates manually can be a task. So, we’ve designed this Software Approval Form Template to run the approval process smoothly. Besides, this template comes with features that enable you to track previous requests easily!

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Features of Software Approval Form Template

Use this Software Approval Form Template with SurveySparrow

Streamlining the software approval process within your organization has never been easier. With SurveySparrow, you can expedite communication among team members and enjoy several features that enhance the entire process:

Customizable With Builder

Our intuitive builder allows you to tailor the template to your exact needs. Add additional questions, convert it into a single-page form, and align it with your internal branding guidelines by adjusting the background, fonts, and more. You can even tap into our CSS editor or choose from our pre-designed themes library. Plus, our integration with the Unsplash image library lets you effortlessly find and apply images that resonate with your organization’s identity.

Easily Accessible Dashboard

When dealing with multiple approvers, sharing dashboard access ensures prompt responses to every request. Monitor and manage every response within the dashboard, making it convenient to filter and sort based on your preferences. Enable email notifications for software approval form submissions to stay informed and responsive.

Ticket Management

Simplify request tracking by creating tickets and assigning them to your team members. Maintain a unified communication channel with employees through the ticketing system. Receive email notifications for each shared email and swiftly address and approve requests.

Google Sheet Integration

Seamlessly integrate the approval form template with Google Sheets to collate every response in a structured sheet. Access the integrated sheet instantly, with responses updating in real-time. This integration allows you to maintain comprehensive approval records and segment information as needed, whether it’s by departments, office branches, or on a month-wise basis.


Benefits of the Software Approval Form Template


New Software Requests

When employees or departments want to introduce a new software application into the organization, they can use the form to provide details about the software, its purpose, and why it’s needed.

Software Updates or Upgrades

When existing software requires updates or upgrades, this form can be used to request permission to perform these updates to ensure they won’t disrupt the organization’s workflow.

Budgetary Control

To manage software expenses effectively, departments can submit this form to request new software licenses or subscriptions, with the associated costs outlined for approval.

Compatibility Checks

Before introducing new software, it’s crucial to ensure it’s compatible with existing systems. The form can include separate sections for these checks.

Licensing and Compliance

Organizations need to ensure that software usage complies with licensing agreements. This form can include sections outlining how the software will be used and confirming that it adheres to licensing terms.

Data Privacy and Security Assessment

For software that involves handling sensitive data, a data privacy and security assessment can be conducted. The form can capture information about how the software will handle data and request approval after the assessment.

User Access and Permissions

The form can specify who will have access to the software and the level of permissions they need, ensuring that access is granted in a controlled manner.

Training and Documentation Needs

In some cases, software approval may be contingent on providing training and documentation to ensure that users understand how to use the software effectively and securely.

Emergency Software Requests

The form can include a section for emergency requests with justification.

Software Evaluation and Pilots

The form can be used to request approval to run pilot programs before fully adopting a new software solution.

Software Review and Audit

Periodic reviews and audits of existing software applications can be scheduled using this form to ensure that software continues to meet the organization’s needs and standards.

Custom Software Development

In cases where the organization is developing custom software, this form can be used to initiate the project, outline the requirements, and secure approval.

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