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Pre Implementation Review Checklist Template

Use this pre-implementation review checklist to ensure that everything is ready before project implementation. Enriched with matrix questions, any stakeholder in your firm can easily fill this customizable checklist. Successful project implementation, no more rocket science!

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Ensure smooth project implementations with our Pre-Implementation Review Checklist

List of Question Types

Whether your pre-implementation review checklist is long or short, you always need to ask the right questions in the right way. Easily achieve this and ask only the relevant questions in the right format with our list of advanced question types if you want to collect several information relating to a particular subject like training resources, staff to be trained, frequency, and more. Ensure you identify and find out more about each detail to ensure smooth project implementation. Put everything under one section or divide the checklist into different sections. Drag and drop questions to reorder them easily.

Multi-Share Options

When you have a large workforce or team involved with a project, it becomes crucial to ensure that each stakeholder gets access to the checklist without fail. This becomes even more critical when everyone works from home or in different locations. Reach every stakeholder easily with SurveySparrow’s multiple share options. Share your checklists through SMS, email, or via URL. Go above and beyond, circulate or place QR codes in your space, and let your team members scan and complete the review process. You can also bring all your team members to a single portal and share the checklist with them on that platform. You can embed it on your office applications or share them through Slack or MS Teams.

Rich Insights

Any pre-implementation review will meet its purpose only if proper review analysis is carried out. With SurveySparrow, you can easily create, share and analyze checklists to ensure maximum efficiency of projects. With advanced reporting modules in place, slicing and dicing of pre-implementation data will be a piece of cake. You can use executive dashboards to analyze data in detail and derive actionable insights, finding problematic areas throughout the course and correcting them before the implementation begins. You can add widgets, including several types of charts and tabulations. Use journey charts to compare and correlate different project data or the same data scattered across a particular period. Generate customized reports, add report filters, and export your reports in PDF and SPSS formats.


Pick a theme from the vast gallery or create one from scratch. You can mix and match colors and find your favorite. You can change the checklist’s button colors, fonts, and more. You can also code your checklists to perfection by using CSS customizations. Add videos or image backgrounds, and make them informational or lively. Preview your surveys with the click of a button. Create multilingual checklists and cross language barriers easily. Make the forms more personalized by using conditional logic. Use Skip & Display logic for conditionally logic-branching questions and ask only what’s relevant. Fetch up to 40% more response and completion rates.


Make the best use of integrations with third-party applications and extend your capabilities. Apart from the Slack and MS Teams integrations, you can use the following integrations for smooth project implementation.

Google Sheets survey integration to share surveys, collect feedback in real-time, and sync it with Google Sheets automatically. Avoid juggling between spreadsheets & responses, automate the entire process, and generate insightful reports. Integration with SurveySparrow lets you seamlessly create new items on the board when a survey is submitted.

These are just a few of the integrations available, and there are many more to help you with your implementation review process.


Use Cases of Pre Implementation Review Checklist Template


Software Implementation

The Review checklist template is an assessment tool of capability to cater to businesses incorporating new software or systems. These include data exporting compatibility with infrastructure and training of users to ensure that they smoothly adapt to the new system. Businesses can prevent some obstacles in advance if they carefully analyze possible problems that may arise during implementation.

Project Management

Using this template, a project manager can conduct his pre-implementation review in all types of projects. It helps in evaluating project documentation, stakeholders’ alignment, availability of resources and measures for controlling risks. Projects may succeed if all prerequisite requirements were established for them beforehand.

Change Management Initiatives

This template provides a systematic way of determining how prepared an organization is for change during a change management initiative. It evaluates elements like, employee training strategies, communication approach and possible sources of resistance. By utilizing findings obtained from this list, change leaders will create specific measures aimed at handling issues encountered during change processes, leading to less hassle experiences in transition and more acceptance of changes.

Infrastructure Upgrades

This checklist template helps in assessing the preparedness of existing frameworks for infrastructure upgrades, as well as network abilities and suitability of equipment among others. This allows potential risks regarding hardware or software upgrades to be identified early so changes can be made in advance, diminishing problems during upgrade processes.


FAQs on pre implementation review process


What is the purpose of pre-implementation review?

Pre-implementation auditing was started because it is more economical to address control framework flaws during the design, development, and installation phases rather than after implementation.

When should a PIR be conducted?

Upon project completion, a Post-Implementation Review (PIR) is carried out. Its goals are to assess whether project goals were reached, ascertain how well the project was managed, identify lessons for the future, and guarantee that the organization reaps the maximum benefits from the endeavor.

Why is a pre-implementation review important?

It helps mitigate risks by identifying potential issues before they affect the project. It also ensures alignment with goals, identifies resource needs, and enhances the chances of successful implementation.

Who is involved in the pre-implementation review process?

The stakeholders involved may include project managers, team leads, subject matter experts, relevant department heads, and sometimes external consultants or auditors, depending on the complexity of the project.

What aspects are typically covered in a pre-implementation review?

It usually covers various aspects such as project goals, scope, budget, timelines, resource allocation, stakeholder communication, risk assessment, compliance requirements, and change management strategies.

What documents or materials are required for a pre-implementation review?

Documents like project plans, feasibility studies, risk assessments, budget estimates, stakeholder communication plans, compliance checklists, and any relevant regulatory or policy guidelines are commonly reviewed.

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