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Performance Improvement Plan Template

With this performance improvement plan template, you can record your employees’ progress when put under a PIP. The respondents can add their details and document their weekly or daily progress with regard to the plan.  The template is ready to use after you add in the company logo and name.

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Why use this Performance Improvement Plan Template?

More features of Performance Improvement Plan Template

This performance management plan template is designed to monitor the performance of your employees at a detailed level. It is designed in a way to capture every little progress of your employees while they’re on the PIP program, highlighting the areas of improvement. This template can be transformed into a visually appealing survey using the features of SurveySparrow.

Library of Question Types

This SurveySparrow feature allows you to add a spectrum of question types such as dropdown, multiple-choice, picture-based question, date, contact form, matrix type, etc. To customize the performance management plan template, you can utilize different question types from our builder. Choose the most relevant question type for the questions you’re asking. You can even make the questions more interesting by including emojis or gifs.

Case Management

Using SurveySparrow’s case management feature, you can create cases based on the responses. You can design a specific pip program for your employees based on the requirements of the cases. This program will assist employees in planning their future performance in the organization. Employees can even generate cases based on problems they encountered while working.

Slack Integration

This template for performance improvement plan lets you integrate it with daily communication tools like Slack and MS- Teams, making it easier to share with your respondents and expediting the entire process. Apart from that you can also integrate this template with applications like Zapier, Hubspot, Intercom and many more.

Accept Documents

This feature allows you to directly collect relevant documents from the respondents. Your respondent may either drag and upload a file or browse for one thus, making it easier to track your employee’s progress.

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