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Operational Due Diligence Questionnaire Template

Reasons to use our Operational Due Diligence Questionnaire

Evaluate potential risks easily with our Operational Due Diligence Questionnaire

With our operational due diligence questionnaire, you can easily identify potential risks that could impact the performance of the investment and ensure that the investment manager has appropriate risk management processes in place. Check out some of the cool features that complete this questionnaire.

Library of Question Types

By using a variety of question types, you can obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the respondent’s firm and operations. This helps you evaluate the firm’s suitability for your investment portfolio and identify potential risks or concerns. Additionally, using different question types can make the questionnaire more engaging and interesting for respondents, leading to higher response rates and quality data. For example, multiple-choice or drop-down questions are useful for asking straightforward questions with limited answer options. They are especially useful for gathering basic information such as firm size, years in business, and location. Open-ended questions allow respondents to provide detailed explanations or feedback on a particular topic. These questions are useful for gathering insights into the firm’s operations, challenges, and opportunities for improvement.

Device Compatibility

With device compatibility, the questionnaire can be accessed on any device, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This ensures that respondents can complete the survey on the most convenient device, increasing the likelihood of a higher response rate. You can also make it easier for respondents to complete the questionnaire on the go, increasing participation and improving the overall quality of the data. you can reach a wider audience. This is particularly useful in an operational due diligence checklist, where you may need to gather information from various sources, including employees, vendors, and clients. Device compatibility can also improve the user experience for respondents. The survey format automatically adjusts to fit the respondent’s device screen, making it easier to read and navigate. This can help reduce respondent fatigue and frustration, leading to more accurate and valuable data.


Cusntomize the survey using themes of your choice, and add colors, logo, and fonts. You can personalize the survey by including the respondent’s name, email address, or other details in the survey questions or introduction. This can help create a more engaging and meaningful experience for the respondent, which can lead to higher response rates and better data. SurveySparrow’s skip logic feature allows you to customize the survey based on the respondent’s answers. This ensures that respondents only answer relevant questions, improving the survey experience and making it more efficient. It allows you to create a unique and engaging survey experience that aligns with your brand and meets your specific needs. This can lead to higher response rates, quality data, and a more efficient survey process. By leveraging the customization features, you can create a more effective questionnaire that delivers actionable insights and helps you make informed investment decisions.

Multiple Share Options

SurveySparrow offers multiple share options, including email, social media, and website embedding. This allows you to reach a wider audience and gather responses from a larger pool of potential respondents. The multiple share options make it easy to share the survey with others. For example, you can share the survey link through email or social media or embed it on your website. This reduces the time and effort required to gather responses, which can help you to complete your due diligence more efficiently. By offering multiple share options, you make it easy for respondents to access and complete the questionnaires can increase response rates and improve the quality of the data you collect. The multiple share options can help you collect responses quickly. For example, you can send the survey link via email to all relevant parties and receive responses in real-time. This can help to speed up the due diligence process and provide you with the information you need to make informed investment decisions.

Real-time Reporting

With real-time reporting, you can access survey responses as they come in. This can help you make faster decisions and react quickly to emerging trends or issues. Real-time reporting can provide better visibility into the progress and results of your survey. This can help you to track response rates, monitor completion rates, and identify potential roadblocks or issues that may be impacting the quality of your data. The platform offers customizable dashboards that allow you to create a customized view of your survey data. This can help you quickly and easily see the most important data points and insights, making it easier to analyze and interpret the results. Access data visualization tools that can help you understand your survey results. For example, you can use charts, graphs, and other visualizations to highlight key insights and trends in your data. Facilitate collaboration between team members. You can share the survey results with team members and collaborate on analyzing the data, discussing insights, and identifying potential next steps.

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