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Features of Meeting Request Form Template

Simplify Meeting Management with this Request Form Template


More Features of Meeting Request Form Template


SurveySparrow comes with a lot of other features apart from the ones mentioned above. These features collectively make this meeting request form template, not just an appointment request form but also a proficient tool for scheduling and managing meeting requests.

You can also customize this into an interdisciplinary team meeting template, mental health treatment team meeting template, etc.

Let us look at the features,

Multiple Sharing Options

Apart from embedding on the website, you can also share this meeting request form through SMS, social media, QR code, Mobile SDK, and email embed. With the mobile SDK sharing channel, you can collect meeting requests from your mobile apps. The mobile SDK feature is available for both Android and iOS.

Not only these. Integrate this appointment request form with Slack and MS Teams, and make it easy to use internally. Customize our sample meeting request form according to your team, or department, and share it through Slack and MS Teams. With the integration feature, the form can be filled within the app itself. Users don’t need to exit the app.

Custom URL

Having a custom URL with your brand name for the form builds trust for the respondents. Replace the default yourcompany.surveysparrow.com domain with the one you want. Highlight your brand and stand out in a competitive marketplace. You can own the form by replacing the SurveySparrow logo with yours and customizing colors that suit your brand.

Export Appointment Requests

Once the respondent requests a meeting, all requests will be recorded in a Google Sheet. You only need to toggle Google Sheet integration and if you already have a sheet you can link that as well. Every time you need to check the records, you can click on the link inside the Google Sheets Integration tab.

Appointment Scheduling Chatbot

Looking for something more than an inline or pop-up website embed? Convert this classic form into chat style and embed it as a chatbot on your website to use it as an appointment scheduling chatbot. This makes it easier for anybody to place a request. With customizations, the chatbot can also be used by customer-facing teams to get requests directly from the customers.


Other Uses of Meeting Request Form Template


Academic Counseling

Students can schedule one-on-one meetings with their academic counselors at school by filling out this form. Counselors can collect data offline by posting a QR code outside their office or online by emailing students a form link. Students can opt for meeting slots, considering classes or sports practice schedules. This form can be of particular assistance to students who are in their senior year, trying to decide which college to attend or what to do after graduation.

Key Features:

Offline Forms: This form can be filled out offline through a QR code or simply on a tablet.

Email Embed: It can easily blend with your workflow; just embed it in an email and send automatic follow-ups.


Real Estate Agent Meeting

Real estate agents can use this form to schedule meetings with potential clients by embedding it on their website or any other real estate platform. Due to its conversational tone and numerous sharing options, it is simple to complete. More client meetings can be scheduled per day, as agents would receive instant notifications and be able to download the complete spreadsheet of scheduled meetings.

Key Features:

Multiple Sharing Options: The form can be shared through any medium, whether it be a website, email, SMS, or offline through a QR.

Instant Notifications: The real estate team would get email notifications instantly as a client filled out this form.


Therapy Appointment

Using this form as a starting point, psychologists could develop a comprehensive appointment-booking system for therapy sessions. Clients can pick from multiple appointment days and times. Even better, they can fill out this form anonymously and describe their problems so that the psychologist can get a sense of them before they even get to the clinic. Anyone can access therapy thanks to its conversational tone, which makes filling out the form simpler and friendlier.

Key Features:

Excel Download: Easily downloadable Excel data is available for psychologists for proper planning and scheduling.

Multiple Question Types: Through multiple types of questions like picture options, matrix, or smiley ratings, therapy scheduling can be made fun.


Lawyer Meeting Appointment

Since attorneys handle multiple cases running in parallel, this form can be a major help in setting up a proper scheduling routine for them. They can use the saved data to track each case on the go. The form can be sent out to clients as soon as a case is opened, which may then be used to schedule meetings anytime during the proceedings. Adding questions about the urgency of the meeting would help attorneys prioritize client meetings.

Key Features:

Dashboards: Using this feature, lawyers will be able to analyze the status of their cases at critical points.

Multi-Device Compatible: Accessing the form would be as easy as a breeze, especially in cases of emergency, as it can be filled out on any device.

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