Why use this Likert Scale Questionnaire Template?

Why Likert Scale Questionnaire is useful?

What is a Likert Scale?

Well, in simple terms, it’s a way of quantifying the agreeableness of a person with a certain statement. A Likert Scale Questionnaire contains a series of statements for scaling or measuring attitudes. A Likert-type scale contains 5 or 7 response options. All Likert scale survey questions also include a mid-point for those who are neutral on the subject matter. The choices range from Highly Likely to Highly Unlikely, so the survey maker can get a holistic view of people’s opinions and their level of agreement.

What are key points to be considered while creating a likert scale questionnaire?

Well, apart from using our likert scale template, there are some other key pointers that you should keep in mind while making your questionnaire. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • 1. Ask yourself, what do you want to measure?
  • Let’s say you’ve noticed some people love ordering online, while others don’t, they would instead go out and you want to quantify this. Likert questions will help you here.

  • 2. Create your list of statements
  • A word to the wise, a Likert scale survey works best when you want to learn about something that can’t be understood with one question. That means you have to measure indicators – specific types of questions that help you understand the concept you’re trying to measure.

    Likert scale is great for judging a customer’s decision-making behavior in a supermarket because there are several characteristics that can influence the phenomenon: perceived quality, customer expectations, pricing, speed of service or delivery, and so on. Each of these is an indicator of customer satisfaction. You can find out if the customer is delighted with their purchase overall, or very dissatisfied.

  • 3. Decide on the type of response scale you want to use
  • There are two types of response scales, namely semantic scale and number scale.

    Some examples of Semantic Scale are: Agree – Disagree, Helpful – Not Helpful, Excellent – Poor, Satisfied – Dissatisfied, Always – Never, and Highly Likely – Highly Unlikely.
    Number rating scales can have 10 points, 7 points, or 5 points to measure the opinion of the target audience.

  • 4. Test repeatedly
  • The key to successful research is testing, analyzing, revising, and improving the way you collect data as surveying is an iterative process.

    How can SurveySparrow help me?

    We at SurveySparrow give you the option of using the foremost method of collecting all types of data – A Survey powered with multiple question types and opinions scales to capture your target audience’s accurate emotions and feelings. You can customize your survey according to your needs and make use of the insightful reports generated by us to take effective and efficient decisions to help grow your business or complete your research successfully.

    Try out our Likert Scale Questionnaire Template and venture into the minds of your customers and learn the secret art of delighting your customers.

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