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Features of Contest Entry Form Template

More Features of Contest Entry Form Template

Customize this contest entry form template and collect registrations for your next big competition. Here are a few more features of SurveySparrow that’ll help you collect contest entries with no hassles.

Website Embed

Embed this contest entry form on your website as a pop-up or inline embed and make it easily accessible to the visitors. You need not know coding to embed the form. Just copy paste the code we generate, and you are done! Use the builder to design the contest form and blend it with your website.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share the contest registration form with participants in multiple ways. Embed it in your promotional emails, share the form through sms, social media, and qr code. Place qr codes on your pamphlets, banners, and posters. Interested participants can just scan the form and register. Collect registrations online.

Conversational UI

Make the form filling experience engaging by using conversational features. Use emojis, gifs, pictures, and videos to have conversations with the registrants. Use interactive messages between the questions to greet them.

Multilingual Form

Design one contest form and translate it into more than 100 languages. Be at ease while collecting registrations for your online global events. Use google translate feature to translate the form effortlessly.

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