Features of Job Order Form Template

More Features of Job Order Form Template

This job order form is more than just a template. From managing daily job orders to tracking previous ones and accepting new orders from clients within your organization. Let’s look at a few more features that improve the process quality and experience.

White Labeling

It is critical to include your company’s branding on your job order form. It helps you to connect with your employees more effectively. Add your logo, brand colors, images, fonts, and more. Furthermore, use a custom URL feature to have your own URL for the form. This adds to the authenticity.

Multiple-Sharing Option

Share your sample job order form in a variety of ways. Email, SMS, links, or any social media platform can be used to distribute the form. You could also distribute QR codes. Sharing your form via multiple media makes the form more accessible.

Voice Transcription

For open ended questions, enable voice transcription. Your employees or clients can record instructions instead of typing long sentences. This allows better clarity and avoids confusion due to typo errors. Clients can record by simply pressing the mic button.

Library of Question Types

Aside from the previously mentioned question types, this job work order form includes other question types ranging from text type to contact form. Choose the best kind of question-based on the response you expect.

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