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Interior Design Questionnaire Template

Our Interior Design Questionnaire Template is the ultimate tool for gathering client info. Packed with features to understand their vision and provide the best solution. Suitable for all interior designers.

Use This Template

Features of Interior Design Questionnaire Form Template

Capture your clients’ attention with this Interior Design Questionnaire Template

Use this template to capture leads, and send quotes or ideas for the project your clients want in just a few clicks. We’ve already discussed some of the features. Read along to know more.

Multilingual Questionnaire

Why should your clientele get limited because of language? This template comes with an inbuilt google translator and supports over 50 languages. You can also use the translator editor to preview and edit your questions in a specific language. Thus, giving your clients a more personalized experience.

Tailor-Made Themes

Customize your questionnaire, and give it a look that goes with your brand. Even though this template comes with a range of preset themes, you tailor it to your own. Add your images and videos, change the font styles and colors – do whatever suits your style! You can even use a customized URL for your questionnaire.

Embedded Questionnaire

Make your questionnaire accessible to your clients easily. Embed it on your website or even send emails with the questionnaire. Once you’re done building the questionnaire, generate the embed code. Now, copy and paste the embed code to your destination! If you want to inline embed the questionnaire, follow the same process. Just turn on the inline embed button.

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