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Fire Alarm System Maintenance Checklist Template

Features of Fire Alarm System Maintenance Checklist

More Features of Fire Alarm System Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining your fire alarm system is very important. But there are times when you miss out on some important checkpoints while having a check-up. To avoid any such mishap, we’ve designed this fire alarm checklist to ensure all the points are covered. This checklist is user friendly and straightforward without any jibber-jabber.

Device-Friendly Checklist

We know how inconvenient it could be if you have to sit with a particular device while conducting a maintenance check. Hence, we made sure that your checklist is compatible and works perfectly fine on any device – on a laptop, desktop mobile or a tablet!

Accept Signature

It is important to record the details of the inspector who’s conducting the maintenance check of your fire alarm system. Add the signature question type to let your inspector sign the fire alarm inspection checklist as soon as the check is completed. This question type allows the respondent to draw, type or upload a signature to avoid any confusion.

Go Offline

While conducting the maintenance check, you might be in a space where there’s no or low network connectivity. In that case it becomes difficult to run a checklist online. But, worry not! We’ve got you covered. Simply download our offline application to use the checklist. You can set up a time to sync all the data on your system later.

Survey Themes

A dull looking checklist even if it is for the maintenance of fire alarms systems can get really disappointing. So, we let you choose from a range of our preset themes or you could make your own to make the checklist look good. Adjust the background pixels, add images, fonts, customize the CSS, play around with colors and many more! You can even customize this into a smoke detector maintenance checklist, or anything else.

Real-Time Reporting

The checklist comes with a feature called real-time reporting. This feature enables you to save the data soon after it is submitted. Thus eliminating all the chances of errors and taking care of the probable delay.

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