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Customer Health Score Survey Template

Why use this Customer Health Score Survey Template?

Some FAQs on Customer Health Score

“I would like to cancel my membership.”
“Hi, I wish to deactivate my account.”
“I am taking my business elsewhere.”
“I am uninstalling your software.”
As a product or account manager, these might be the scariest sentences to read or hear. However, customer engagement and relationship does not change overnight.

What does that mean?

Being aware is the primary requirement of any business: to be aware of market trends, consumer behavior but most importantly, the health of their customers.

What do you mean by the health of customers?

The health of a customer refers to monitoring customer metrics such as usage, length, and breadth of usage, growth of account based on licenses bought or membership availed. There are many other matrices as well, such as the number of IT requests raised, information requests, and so on, that when taken into account and scored will give a clear prediction of customer relationships in the near future.

How does it help in retaining customers?

It helps you reduce the churn rate of your organization by improving services and products. By keeping track of the customer’s health, you have a head start when it comes to customer-specific or need-specific strategies.

Who is in charge of getting the numbers?

Usually, the scores are tracked by account managers with help from various other departments. They tend to work with product managers by feeding them their analysis on their customers’ health. While most of the scores are taken from information in their database, some of the real-time feedback in B2C companies come directly from customers. Usually, the feedback form to collect their responses against these real-time aspects is sent monthly or bi-monthly as per the schedule.

Are the customers able to see the scores?

No. The form that they fill is not scored as it adds no value to the form. Moreover, the customer health score is an internal tracking process and is not something to be shared with the customers.

While customer satisfaction surveys may not always be defined and accurate, customer health scores facilitate gauging the relationship by the customer’s engagement with the product/service. After all, action speaks louder than words.

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