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Bug Report Form Template

Features of Bug Report Form Template

More Features of Bug Report Form Template

Giving the leverage to your users to report bugs found in your website or software is a great strategy to connect with your users better. It gives them a sense of importance. And with use of our Bug Report Form Template you can connect with them better. How? The features of this template helps you build the bond. Read along to know more about them.

Personalized Form

Personalization is the most important feature that helps you to connect with your users in a flick of your finger. This customer bug report form allows you to add variables, expressions and customized parameters to personalize the form through and through.

Embedded Form

Make your form easily accessible to your users. Embed the form template on your website easily. Simply generate the code and copy paste it on your web page. You could also use the inline embed option to embed the entire form on your page. Apart from the website, you can also embed the form in emails, in case you want to make it easier for your users!

Send Reminders

In case your respondents partially fill up the form you can send them automated reminders to them and ask them to complete. While creating the form, add criteria and reminders and relax! This template will automatically send reminders to your users at the set timing. The reminders are sent using emails and/or SMSes.


Use this template to enable your users to use any device of their choice while answering the form. It is simple, easy-to-use and works perfectly on any device. So, be it a laptop, a desktop, a tablet or even a mobile phone, this form will be equally efficient on all!

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