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Equipment Order Form Template

Features of this Equipment Order Form Template

More Features of Equipment Order Form Template

Accepting bulk orders via telephone or any other manual mode can cause immense hullabaloo. Besides, it is a tough job. Instead, you can choose a hassle-free method of taking orders. How? Well, this Equipment Order Form Template from SurveySparrow will ease your pressure. This template is designed to be a 360 degree tool for you to accept orders from your various customers.

Multilingual Survey

Make it easy for your customers to place their orders with you. Let them use the language they’re comfortable with. And you can easily do that with this medical request form for, this template supports over 50 languages! Once you receive the responses, you can translate them to your default language easily.

Picture-based Question

This equipment request form template comes with a picture-based question type that allows you to add pictures of the options you have. This gives a better picture to your customers while they’re placing the orders. This question type lets you use free images from Unsplash. Or, you could also upload your own, customized images from your system.

Voice Transcription

Make your medical equipment more durable and sturdy. Let your customers just speak to answer your questions instead of writing out long sentences. Just turn the voice transcription on and bingo! Your customers will just have to click the microphone button and start talking to record their answers.

Device-Friendly Survey

If you want your customers to feel comfortable while placing the orders, we’re with you! Give them the freedom to choose any device to fill up the order form and we have your back. This template works perfectly fine on any device – a mobile, laptop, desktop or even tablet, to give your customers an amazing experience.

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