Features of Fundraiser Order Form Template

More features of the Fundraiser Order Form Template

Selling goods online and manually collecting funds is a time-consuming process. We’ve created a fundraiser template that can be used to make this process easier and manage the details of the donations.

Embed on the Webpage

Use this feature to embed this fundraising order form on your website. You can also insert the template in the mail ID or SMS and send it to the potential buyers. This feature will make the process of placing an order online easy and will minimize the time of the buyers. Hence, will enhance the donation rate.

Display/Skip Logic

Use this feature to determine the logic behind the option picked by potential buyers. Based on the responses to the previous questions, you can use either skip or display logic. This feature will help respondents to spend less time on filling out the fundraiser form template. Using the skip logic, respondents will be able to skip the unnecessary questions and focus on the important ones.

Multiple Sharing Options

The school fundraiser form can be circulated via email, SMS, or a unique web link. You can create a QR code that can be used by the parents of the students to make donations. The ability to share in multiple ways makes it more accessible on any device regardless of the screen size.

Google Sheet/MS Excel Sheet Integration

Avoid balancing between the google spreadsheet and the responses. You can directly connect the fundraising template with Google Sheets and record the data of the respondents. Use this feature to track the number of goods sold and the number of funds collected. Generate reports based on the collected data.

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