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Features of this Cake Order Form Template

Cake Order Form Template FAQs

This cake order form template comes with more amazing features apart from the ones listed above. Here are a list of commonly asked questions about this template.

How can you customize this template?

It is very easy. Click on “Use this template” button and create your trial account in SurveySparrow for FREE.

The template will open in our form builder which has a number of features that can help you design and structure the form the way you want. Our library of question types consists of more than 10 types of questions that include likert scale questions, open ended questions, payment type question, and also contact form.

You can also add text messages to build an interactive cake order form.

How to display your brand in this template?

The template supports white labeling. You can completely replace SurveySparrow branding with the logo of your business. Design your own background either by using our inbuilt designer tab or using any other external graphic designing software. You can also use our advanced CSS editor to play around and create your own designs for this custom cake order form template.

How can you improve your bakery business using this cake order application?

You can collect online cake bookings using this template. This cake order template comes with multiple sharing options. You can embed it on your cake order website or app for cake orders, use the shareable link and send it to your customers, or even embed it in your promotional emails and newsletters.

Not only these. You can use QR codes and make it super easy for your customers to place cake orders. If you have multiple stores in a region, you can generate multiple QR codes and track orders at every store. This way you can analyze the data and make strategic decisions to grow your sales.

With all these sharing options, SurveySparrow helps you to reach every potential customer, increase market penetration, and boost sales.

Can I display the cost of the cake orders made in the form itself?

Yes. Use our scoring feature for multiple picture choice questions. While displaying the types of cakes, you can add scores to the options. Then, use expressions to add up the scores of the selected options. You can assign a variable to this expression and use it on one of the screens with a greeting message. Once the customer submits the selections, the screen will display the final cost.

Using the payment type question, the customer can enter their credit or debit card details, and make payments. This bakery cake order form is integrated with Stripe, one of the most trusted payment platforms across the world

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