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Cake Order Form Template







Features of this Cake Order Form Template

Collect cake orders in a conversational way!


Use Cases of this Cake Order Form Template


Bakery with Online Ordering

Imagine offering a seamless online ordering experience for your delicious cakes. With this cake order form, you can capture key details like size, flavor, fillings, inscriptions, and even delivery preferences with ease. Integrate with secure payment gateways to let customers pay directly, streamlining the process and boosting sales. Plus, allow customers to upload photos or choose from pre-designed options for a personalized touch, making their celebrations even more special.

Event Planner for Corporate Gatherings

Planning a corporate gathering? The form helps you cater to various dietary needs and preferences seamlessly. Create a form that gathers information about allergies, desired flavors, and ideal serving sizes for your diverse audience. Offer options for tiered cakes, custom logos, and personalized messages to elevate the event’s branding and add a special touch. Allow attendees to vote on different cake choices, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Fundraiser for Charity or School

Turn cake into a delicious tool for good! Design an engaging form that showcases your fundraiser’s cause and various cake options with enticing pictures and descriptions. Offer different donation levels corresponding to specific cake sizes, making it easy for supporters to contribute at their desired level. Collect contact information to build your donor base and use the form to share more about your cause, increasing engagement and driving donations.

Online Cake Decorating Class

Turn your passion for cake decorating into an interactive online learning experience! With this form template, gather student information and preferences for cake size and flavor within the class theme. Allow students to select customization options that fit their interests, fostering a personalized learning environment. Integrate with payment gateways for easy enrollment and provide a materials list based on their chosen options, ensuring everyone is well-prepared for a fun and creative session.


Benefits of Cake Order Form Template


Effortless Payments with Stripe Integration

No more scrambling for cash or checks! Seamlessly integrate Stripe into your cake order form, allowing customers to pay instantly and securely. This simplifies the process, eliminates delays, and boosts checkout completion rates.

Picture Choice Questions

Showcase your delicious creations in all their glory! Instead of plain text descriptions, use picture choice questions to display mouthwatering photographs of your cakes. This visually engages customers, making them instantly connect with their desired treat and encouraging faster decisions.

Automated Cost Calculation

No more manual calculations or messy spreadsheets! Integrate expressions into your form to automatically calculate the final order cost based on chosen options. This ensures accurate pricing, reduces errors, and builds trust with customers who see transparent calculations.

Multilingual Forms

Break down language barriers and expand your customer base with Google Translate’s in-built integration. Translate your form into multiple languages effortlessly, making it accessible to a wider audience and attracting international orders.

File Upload Feature

Embrace the power of customization! Offer a file upload option for customers to submit their own cake designs or inspiration pictures. This caters to specific requests, adds a personal touch, and allows you to create truly unique cakes that exceed expectations.


How to use this cake order form template


Step 1: Customize the template

Customize background colors, fonts, and even add your logo to create a form that perfectly matches your brand identity. Want to personalize the experience further? Craft a welcoming message on the first page and a heartfelt thank you on the last. Remember, the details matter! For those extra-picky questions, the AI Wing feature is your friend. It can rephrase existing questions or suggest better alternatives, ensuring clarity and flow. Feeling like a design pro? Take things to the next level with custom CSS for advanced styling options.

Step 2: Integrate with Third Party Apps

Who says cake orders have to be complicated? SurveySparrow seamlessly integrates with various apps to streamline your process. Connect with Stripe for smooth and secure payments, allowing customers to pay instantly. Want to avoid manual data entry? Integrate with Google Sheets and watch your order details automatically populate there! Access your Sheets directly from the integration tab, saving you precious time and effort.

Step 3: Share in Multiple Ways

Share the link directly, send it via SMS or email, or even post it on social media. Do you have a website? Embed the form directly for a seamless ordering experience. Don’t forget the QR code option – perfect for printouts or in-store displays! With so many options, reaching every potential customer is easier than ever.

Step 4: Analyze the Results

The user-friendly dashboard allows you to export all order details as CSV files for further analysis. Want to see which cake flavors are most popular? Use the built-in filters and widgets to quickly identify trends and preferences. This valuable data helps you understand your customers better and make informed decisions about your offerings, ensuring your cake business keeps rising!

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