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Churn Survey Template

This churn survey template can be used by product or service based companies to know the reasons behind their customers unsubscribing or leaving them. The conversational tone helps in getting candid feedback from the customers and better completion rates.

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Features of Churn Survey Template

Minimizing Customer Churn with this Template

Understanding and addressing the reasons behind customer churn is crucial in today’s competitive market. By using a Churn Survey Template, businesses can gain insights into why customers are leaving and strategize accordingly for improvements.

Multilingual Support for Global Reach

This churn survey supports over 50 languages, allowing customers to provide feedback in their preferred language. This feature ensures a personalized connection with customers, facilitating clearer and more honest feedback.

Voice Transcription for Enhanced Convenience

To make the feedback process more user-friendly, the survey includes a voice transcription feature. Customers can simply speak their responses, making it easier and more efficient for them to share their thoughts.

Automated Reminders for Increased Response Rates

Recognizing that customers intending to leave may overlook survey completion, the platform includes automated reminder capabilities. By setting scheduled reminders, businesses can gently prompt customers via email or SMS, enhancing response rates without being intrusive.

Device-Friendly Surveys for Greater Accessibility

Ensuring the survey is accessible on various devices is key to obtaining genuine feedback. A device-friendly approach allows customers to easily access and complete the survey on their preferred device, ensuring higher comfort and participation levels.

By utilizing these features, businesses can effectively gather critical feedback, identify areas for improvement, and work towards reducing customer churn.


Sample Churn Survey Questions


  1. What was the primary reason for your decision to stop using our product/service?
  2. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your overall satisfaction with our product/service?
  3. Were there specific features or aspects of our product/service that did not meet your expectations?
  4. How do you think our product/service compares to competitors you have experienced?
  5. Did you encounter any problems or challenges with our product/service? If so, please describe them.
  6. How satisfied were you with the customer support and service you received?
  7. Is there something specific that could have been done to prevent you from leaving?
  8. How likely are you to consider returning to our product/service in the future?
  9. Would you recommend our product/service to others? Why or why not?
  10. Do you have any additional feedback or suggestions that could help us improve our product/service?


Use Cases of Churn Survey Template


Reducing Customer Churn

The primary purpose of a churn survey is to uncover why customers decided to stop using your product or service. This can range from product dissatisfaction to poor customer service or other factors. By identifying the root causes, you can take targeted actions to reduce churn.

Product or Service Improvement

Churn surveys can help you identify which product features or functionalities were missing, inadequate, or not meeting customer expectations. This data can guide your product development efforts to prioritize enhancements and improvements.

Customer Support Enhancement

Feedback related to customer support can highlight issues such as slow response times, unhelpful interactions, or other customer service-related problems. You can use this information to train support agents and improve support processes.

Pricing Strategy Adjustment

Churn surveys may reveal that pricing played a significant role in customers leaving. By collecting feedback on pricing preferences and perceived value, you can adjust your pricing strategy to better align with customer expectations.

Competitive Analysis

If customers mention switching to a competitor’s product or service, you can gain insights into what the competition is doing better. This information can inform your own strategy and product development efforts to stay competitive.

Customer Segmentation

Segmenting churn survey data by customer demographics, behavior, or other characteristics can reveal patterns. You might discover that a specific group of customers is more prone to churn, allowing you to tailor retention efforts to those segments.

Win-Back Campaigns

Armed with feedback from churned customers, you can create personalized win-back campaigns. Address their specific concerns and offer incentives or solutions that demonstrate a commitment to their satisfaction.

Refinement of Customer Journey

Mapping the entire customer journey from onboarding to churn can help you pinpoint pain points and bottlenecks. This information can guide process improvements and lead to a smoother customer experience.

Marketing Strategy

If customers frequently mention a particular issue as their reason for leaving, you can adjust your marketing messaging to address these concerns and highlight solutions.

Reporting and Analytics

Over time, by consistently administering churn surveys, you can track churn trends and assess the impact of changes made based on earlier survey results. This data allows for data-driven decision-making and ongoing improvements

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