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Churn Survey Template

Features of Churn Survey Template

More Features of Churn Survey Template

In this competitive market, product churning has become a regular affair these days. And so, it is very important to understand why your customers are opting out from your product/services. This helps you in strategizing your business better and upgrading yourselves. Thus this Churn Survey Template is designed to understand the churned users and get detailed reports of the same.

Multilingual Survey

To get feedback from the customers who are leaving your business it is difficult. So to provide them with all the comfort becomes even more important. Hence, this churn survey gives your customers to answer in the language they’re comfortable with. This template supports over 50 languages thus giving you the leverage to connect with your customers at a personal level.

Voice Transcription

Again, keeping the comfort of your customers, this template comes with a voice transcription feature. This feature allows your respondents to answer the textual questions just by speaking. Simply turn on the voice transcription feature to use it. And then, your customers can click on the mic button and speak, instead of writing long sentences.

Send Reminders

A customer who’s planned to leave your service would definitely not remember to fill out your survey. But reminding them manually can become nagging and is of course a herculean task. So, this template is enabled with automated reminders. All you have to do is set the time for reminder and the template will trigger automated emails or SMSes to your customers.

Device-Friendly Survey

The only way to attract back the churned users is to upgrade your services. And this can only be done when you’re aware of the issues they’re facing. But gathering genuine feedback from your customers will be possible when you make them feel comfortable. Keeping that in mind we’ve ensured that your churn survey is device-friendly, giving them the ease to choose a device!

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