Features of Lab Requisition Form Template

More Features of Lab Requisition Form Template

Using this lab requisition form template, make the process of collecting lab test results easy, for the doctors and the healthcare professionals, such that they can directly send the patient’s details and the lab tests can be scheduled.

Device Friendly

Doctors and healthcare professionals can fill out this lab order form template immediately after finishing a patient check-up. This template is device-friendly and can be filled on any device, regardless of screen size. Respondents can use a laptop, smartphone, or tablet to complete the form.

Personalized Forms

Give your respondents a highly personalized experience. Use the CSS tool to customize the lab request survey with your own ideas and make it more engaging for the respondents. Collect the patient’s details such as name, phone number and age using the contact param. Based on the survey responses you can display multiple thank you screens.

Email Reminders

Doctors may use this lab requisition form to send an automatic reminder via email for their patients’ lab tests. If they leave the form half filled or have not filled it, an automatic reminder can be sent to them. Using this feature you can set the number of days after which the reminder can be sent.

Embed on Website

This generic lab order form can be embedded on the website as inline embed or pop-up. doctors or healthcare professionals will fill it out immediately once they come on a webpage. This feature will make the survey less time consuming and more efficient for the doctors.

Monday.com Integration

Monday.com integration with SurveySparrow lets you create a dashboard of your own in which you can add the names, mail ID, phone number of the patients who have to be tested. You can use various colors to update the status of the patients on the board. This will show the doctors which patient’s testing is done and which patient’s testing is in the process.

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