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Time Off Request Form Template

Features of Time off Request Form Template

More Features of Time Off Request Form Template

Employees will request time-offs. And there could be several reasons for requesting time off, ranging from vacations and personal time to medical leave. The time off taken can be paid or free based on the rules of the organization. We’ve designed this template to ease up the process of time-off requests. Use multiple features offered by SurveySparrow to customize the template.

Display/Skip Logic

This time off request template is equipped with a display or skip logic feature. You can turn on the add logic to your question where it will be displayed or skipped based on the previous answers. This minimizes the filling up time of the form.

Accept Signature

A time off request form is incomplete without the signature of the employee. This feature lets you collect the signature of the respondents directly while they fill up the form. You can either draw, type, or upload the signature.

Slack Integration

Use this SurveySparrow feature to quickly integrate your template with daily communication platforms, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Share the survey on Slack and use Slack tools to improve the security of the respondent’s data. Employees can fill the time off request template on any device such as a mobile or laptop with the help of the slack application.

White Labeling

Maintain your brand identity by adding a white label to the time off request survey. You can include a brand logo in your template to improve employee trust and make the template seem completely yours. You may also use CSS tools to style up your survey using your own ideas.

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