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Software Request Form Template

Features of Software Request Form Template

More Features of Software Request Form Template

Requesting a new software or an upgrade of existing software over email is a very time consuming process. Surpass it with our software request form template. Track and generate reports of the responses by using our features and integrations.

White Labeling

Transform the request form into a version of your own themes by using our CSS tool. Make the form look truly yours by adding your company’s logo in it. You can also create your own customized URL with the company’s name in it.

Personalized Form

This feature lets you personalize your software request template by letting you add variables, expressions and contact params in your form. Contact params lets you grab necessary information like name, phone number, city and many others. You can also use custom variables to monitor survey responses. This will help you drive better insights from the survey data.

Logic Branching

Use this feature to determine the logic behind the option picked for software requests. Based on the responses to the previous questions, you can use either skip or display logic. This feature will help respondents to spend less time on filling out the form.

Executive Dashboard

Analyze the software requests by using widgets, charts, and graphs. Create a new software or software upgrade request excel sheet by dragging the data collected onto the dashboard. The data can also be visualized, and reports can be generated.

Device Friendly

This software request template is responsive to any screen size and is easily accessible. You can fill the form on Laptop, Smartphones or Tablets.

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