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Lost and Found Form Template

Features of Lost and Found Form Template

More Features of Lost and Found Form Template

SurveySparrow not only makes it easy for the respondents to fill request for their lost or found objects, but also it makes your job easier to segment the requests and give importance to urgent issues by exporting lost and found log. Here are a few more features that can come handy to you with this lost and found form.

Conversational UI

The user interface of the form is minimalistic and conversational. You can add emojis, pictures, videos, gifs, to enhance the form filling experience of the respondents. This also helps you to stand out as a brand.

Embed On Webpage & App

Webpage Embed makes the form more accessible. Your employees can right away open the webpage and fill the form. With mobile SDK you can also embed the form in your app. With customization features, take care of visual aesthetics by making the form blend in with your webpage or app design

Multiple Sharing Options

You can also share the form through link, social media, email or even SMS. In case of link sharing, employees can request HRs to share the form and they can fill it using a link. You can also build a custom link of your choice for the form. You can also embed it in your email and the respondent can file their request without exiting the email window.

Capture Photo

Apart from uploading a photo, the respondents can also click live picture through this lost and found template. This not only contributes to better user experience but also gives you live details of the object found or lost for further investigation. You can download the picture through the dashboard.


Use Cases of Lost and Found Form Template


From offices to airports, hotels, and educational institutions, this template streamlines the process of reclaiming belongings or reuniting them with their rightful owners. With real-time notifications and multi-channel distribution, the template ensures swift responses and efficient management, offering peace of mind to users.

Office Premises

Employees can easily report lost items like wallets, laptops, or gadgets, while also notifying the security team for quick retrieval in the workplace. This efficient reporting system ensures a swift response to recover valuable belongings and fosters a sense of security and trust among employees.

Airports and Train Stations

Travelers can conveniently report misplaced luggage, passports, or personal belongings, ensuring a streamlined process for airport or station staff to manage lost items efficiently. With real-time notifications, staff can promptly respond to lost and found reports, minimizing inconvenience and enhancing the travel experience for passengers.

Hotels and Resorts

Guests can promptly report lost possessions, such as jewelry, electronics, or travel documents, enabling hotel staff to take immediate action and ensure a pleasant stay experience. The Lost and Found Form Template empowers hotel management to quickly trace and return items to their rightful owners, enhancing guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Educational Institutions

Students and faculty can report lost or found items on campus, including textbooks, stationery, or personal belongings. The easy-to-use form streamlines the process, helping the institution’s staff manage lost items more efficiently. This fosters a responsible environment, where belongings are promptly returned to their owners, promoting a sense of community and accountability within the campus.

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