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All About Employee Emergency Contact Forms.

What is an Employee Emergency Contact Form?

The Employee Emergency Contact Form is developed and is used by an employer to maintain a standardized database of their employees which consists of the details of individuals that should be contacted if a traumatic event occurs. For example, if an employee suffers an injury at the workplace and must be taken to the emergency room, he or she may require a spouse or a parent to be contacted. This form will allow Employees to present this required information to their Employers neatly.

Why do we need to use it?

It has become standard practice for employers to request emergency contact information from all new hires regardless of the nature of the job. It is possible that the employees may not feel comfortable with disclosing extra personal information, like sharing a friend’s or relative’s phone number and other basic contact details are in the interest of both worker and firm.

It is true that workplace injuries are generally rare, but they do occur. When an employee is hurt on the job, the management may have an ethical obligation to inform next of kin or other close relatives or friends. In some cases, reaching out to an emergency contact may become a necessity.
Emergency contact information can also be used in other instances. For example, an employee who suddenly stops showing up to work. The specified contact may know about this person’s whereabouts. Similarly, if an employee is significantly incapacitated by injury or illness, the emergency contact may serve as a middleman should other relatives or friends contact the employer seeking the ailing worker.

Why should employees fill staff emergency contact form form?

Every employee should ensure he or she fills in the form. This needs to be done because in times of an emergency the employer should know whom they can call for the benefit of the employee. They can choose to fill in your parent’s contacts or their marriage partner if married or even a friend they live with. The form also helps your employer to determine the way to use the data when contacting your emergency contact with the parents of an employee reacting differently as compared to other emergency contacts.
Many business owners usually do not incorporate this form because they are not aware of the benefits they will enjoy when they include it. The form truly is a lifesaver. However, this information on the employee form should never be shared since it is confidential.

What conditions warrant the use of these emergency contacts?

As an employer, you can only use the provided information only and only when:

  • The employee falls sick, and immediate medical attention is required.
  • If the employee goes absent without leave without any prior notice.
  • When the person living with the employee calls, conveying that the employee’s whereabouts are unknown for the past few days.
  • When the employee’s pre-existing medical condition becomes worse

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