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School Withdrawal Form Template

Features of School Withdrawal Form Template

More Features of School Withdrawal Form Template

When your students leave your school or college, don’t be too harsh. Customize this school withdrawal form template, make it interactive when gathering information from them so that they feel at ease sharing information with you. SurveySparrow allows you to converse in your own unique style.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share this withdrawal form on multiple platforms and make it accessible. You can share it through SMS, email, QR Code, or even embedding it on an institute’s webpage/student MIS portal. Students can easily fill the form. And, the form’s mobile friendliness allows students fill it on any device.

Secure Your Data

Your responsibility is to keep the students’ data safe and secure while they respond to the school withdrawal form. This template uses SSL to establish a connection, ensuring your data’s safety and security.

Display/Skip Logic

Make your philosophical questions more relevant, acceptable, and matching instead of bombarding your students with irrelevance. This drop out form sample includes a display/skip logic. Show or hide a question based on previous responses in the form and make it more concise.

Set Reminders

Obtaining information about the student before granting the transfer certificate from your institute is critical. You may forget to remind those if they fail to complete the forms. Configure reminder, customize email content and then SurveySparrow sends an email to the partial respondents, reminding them to fill the form.

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