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Attendance Bot

Features of this Attendance Bot

More Features of Attendance Bot

Simplify and expedite the process of tracking the attendance of every employee, we’ve designed an attendance bot that can be used by the organizations to keep track of employee attendance.

Conversational Bot

Filling up this attendance bot is like conversing through text messages. The bot acts like a virtual assistant and guides them question by question. With use of piping and logic features, you make right messages to popup so that the bot looks personalized.

Recurring Bot

You can set any frequency such as daily, weekly or monthly and distribute the attendance form periodically. You can also set separate email reminders for the non-respondents and gently nudge the ones who haven’t completely finished the form.

Slack Integration

SurveySparrow’s integration with daily communication apps such as Slack, and MS Excel lets you share the attendance form directly to the employee. You can set triggers such that the attendance bot can appear immediately after they log in. This is a handy feature when the employees are working remotely.

Google Sheet Integration

By integrating this bot with google sheets, all the records will be instantly recorded in a sheet. The sheet can then be used as an attendance tracker. Easy data management, and less or no confusions.

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